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In nineteen forty one. The USO was born to honor and comfort the men and women of our armed forces around the world men and women who have put our dreams and our futures above their own who protect and defend the freedoms we hold so dear and burning and every one of their hearts is a singular undeniable desire to come home to return to the ones they love to realize their dreams to be free and at peace, and so the USO will carry on to touch their spirits to comfort them to remind them to simply and heartfully thank them for the extraordinary gift. They give us all wherever and whenever they go until every brow. Soothed every hand is held until every song. Sung in every battle one. Until everyone comes. To find out more about the USO. Visit us at USO dot org. From the state capital to our nation's capital, you can count on Fox News and one thousand KT, okay? Exclusive stories and unique perspectives. You're listening to America's First News this morning President Trump may not see congress as a threat to his foreign.

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