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In on the jersey retirement things are chris comes in i'm with you guys on the retired numbers i was in high school when fat lever was in his prime from player to watch no need to retire the jersey another one that surprised as me john lynch fantastic player great guy but did not play here long enough to have his jersey retired buck in years yes broncos no i'm i agree with you on on john lynch the wine distinction that needs to be made is that john lynch's a ring of famer is does averaged jersey retired but still emanates it's the same thing i it's not the same thing because not every sport in every team has a ring of honor but it's the same idea right your honoring somebody you're putting them above many many many many many players that played before and will play after and with john lynch from everything i heard it said community think john lynch which is a rock star in the community uh of denver win uh when he was here and that's why they kind of did that i don't agree with it but i think that was the reasoning uh more than anything else call says on hor hey facade the best thing where he passat ever did was the espn commercial is that the one with thumb that david ortiz and in yeah where is like why don't you been the villain publicize like it's a it's i'm a catcher i never wear a hat and so um david ortiz puts it on in his bending the bill and then uh wally the mascot for the red sox walks by an and has stack of paper drop some in david arches goes wally wali yes i will have to obey along answer carl yes i would say horry peseta all know the hip hip poor hey one now that was good to espn commercials plural would be the best thing that or have pasana ever did a big weekend at four c huh honky they take on alaska anchorage this weekend they went one in one against the vermont joining us now to uh talk all things tigers in college hockey is the college hockey beat writer for the gives that.

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