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Do you need to bring in a -nother striker who's more reliable than what he's become or do sell him at what would be an enormous loss. I would think what happens with Alexa Sanchez. What happens what your goal keeper? Does. He decide knows. It's probably good time. Von there are a lot of questions here and Craig Burley who has kind of been one of the at least here on ESPN has been one of the leading voices who is kind of anti-seoul Shire before he was named permanent manager and since and Craig Burley talks about some of these questions and says the United made a mistake giving social job people were going to with the results when it was papering over the full rebuilt. Team needs. I know the historic injuries and the big question here is and that's the point. I was making Ellen week. Stevie was making. How can such an experienced manager oversees such a big rebuilt of the Beck is club and world football. Because if you think it needs half a dozen players because of one exit games a few weeks ago, then you living in cloud cuckoo. See? I think that applies to more than saw Shire. I think if they went on phone the best young manager. In europe. And we're looking long-term he had more of a CV than than Sasha has. I still think that they need to find out a better way of their of basically executing their football operations. I mean, they need a director of football. It's clearly not being working in the transfers that they've made under on either managers, and you know, I still believe they've got to give aw- share everything he can possibly need to move forward. And and make an in for this is interesting. A lot of the focus was all saucers dune at the United way because we saw few young players get involved. I mean, those young players were are owned Marino. You know what? I mean. It's like, okay. There was a few academy guys that were on the field at the at the end against PS G, but largely what is soldier going to do different other than go into the market again. Like, where's United scout? Nice thing the other day. When did was the last time United bought a real under the radar signing? That's going to our when's the last time someone's comb up through apart from rational. That's what I was going to say. Yeah. But I mean that was out of a total need under LV. Gee, I mean, he was on worked out. I'm just saying that. People are kind of looking at soldier only news the club. But what does that mean in modern day football? I mean that club does not represent I wouldn't say resembles at all what saw Cher left. Well, no, certainly not when he retired. So it was what does it mean? To know the club were so United have intrinsic values are certain ways of playing a guarantee Andrew he's still going to ask for money. And you're hoping as Burley points out there that inexperienced manager who's never had this budget. Either at Cardiff are at Malda is going to be able to to to guide the way. Yeah. Well, here's the thing..

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