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Six million dollars to help lower uber County judge clay Jenkins says the money those three thousand jobs would bring would more than offset the tax breaks the traffic and weather center couple action is working southbound Dallas north tollway north of six thirty five also northbound I. thirty five between cloning market center that's a long standing actually use caution if you're approaching neither of those areas tonight mostly clear we should get down to about eighty degrees later on tomorrow sunny and hot hi one oh one heat index one oh four and a low of eighty one on Sunday hot again a hundred and one and a low of eighty two right now it's ninety degrees but with the humidity it still feels like ninety five degrees I'm Gerry Hotchkiss the Joe pad show begins now on news radio ten eighty K. R. L. D. this is the go to talk to call eight eight eight nine four one and now he's the CEO great radio stations across the land Joe packs dot com Facebook Twitter Instagram email parley up and much more great to have the live video stream is there as well the joke joke coming your way on a Friday I'll give you some strings one that was scary no it was not known when you log in with the way where is Bob let's go.

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