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One thirty five and a half offense running remembered. This is the unit that they close with a lot of times so an Chris Paul has been maybe the best clutch player in the NBA. This season and I mean you remember the early on in the year. They are way under perform their point differential like all. They're losing all these close games now. They've just been going crazy in these close games. So Yeah I mean that closing lineup that they have with Gallo at the Foreign Adams at the five th has been really effective in five five hundred twenty one possession so it's not a tiny number about five games worth of with those three guards on the floor together and they don't start the game so this is mostly and to have that you're seeing all those guys together and that's when you're GonNa make the most difference especially at the end of the second half and the thing that I would add though in terms of Wyatt's it's working other than just random variation. Yeah that is not. You know T- greatest lineup in NBA history. So it's probably GONNA come down. A little. Bit is part of its Chris. Paul I mean we uh-huh no go ahead. You're you're you're part of it. Is that Chris. Paul can guard larger players but another part of it is for example. They're playing the nets the other other night writing Chris Paul Has this awesome ended. The game hits eight million elbow jumpers in a row and rock the NECES- sleep who on the nets. Are you like. Oh man man she guild just Alexandra's too small guard. This guy is a three. There's there's a lot of teams where you just that lack of height isn't GonNa get you and you've got enough size with Adams we're you can hold up okay and Gallo. I think it's been a little better defensively this year than he was last year for the clippers. And so that's really what it is. It's like there's not that many teams where you're just like Oh man now if you're trying to win the playoffs yeah you know you'd probably be enrolled but in your day to day regular season. Not that much issue hosein. We've Sir Oh we we have about two and a half minutes. We can start with this one from at red fork lawyer. What would it take for you to trade gallery? Adam shooter and Chris Paul basically how do you balance short-term and long-term goals Chris. Paul is such a gigantic piece in terms of his salary. I think that those traits are entirely separate. Gallon Nari to me. I think that if team team gives you real positive value remember that with him pending free agent the only one actually does for who is a Gal said it would take a first runner. I mean a really it to me. If it's like a clear top five second and we kind of have an idea of the worst teams are. I would consider it there on. WHO's trading for him? That has that record exactly. So it's a other than maybe the PELS depends the only one yeah and remember that with Gala Nari what why I talked about him specifically as a as a pending free agent agent that. Hopefully you have a better idea of what it's going to take to resign and Adams and shooter and Chris Paul. Those guys are under contract. So you know exactly what it's GonNa take to retain them because you already are retaining them as an can. I break it on those guys were I would say honestly probably anything positive yet. Me and especially like Adams is a very very good player and I think he's been underappreciated part of their success especially recently but he's paid so much and I guess I mean the question also is what's coming back right if you say okay I'll give you a first round pick but you gotta take back Gorji Jiang and some other salary filler. Yeah probably do that. If it's hey you gotta pay take back forty million that crap for the same amount of time that Chris Paul contract runs. Is the first runner enough for that. I mean maybe just just because you WANNA get bad and have your own first runner for a little bit here when you really go through it. Yeah these guys. They seem like have a nice story. But as far ars like who the keepers are on this team going forward. It's like Shea and that's it right now to really be excited about right and and that's the real concern. I mean yeah. Sure guys like turns Ferguson. Diablo interesting but this isn't the young positive guys outperform expectations. It's they have a lot of veterans and that ties in with the idea that I was hammering. They're over at the beginning of the season. was they have more talent but that talent that they had was not exactly young talented was veteran holdover talent and they haven't traded any of those dudes yet also the timer. Just avary. Well let's go to the sixteen and Twenty Three Phoenix Suns riding the ship slightly five and five. Since last fifteen and sixty de'andre Eytan and Aaron baynes experiment is over for the time. Being Aden was brought off the bench with the excuse that he needs more time to get his rhythm. I'm but money Williams was very clear to say. Da is a starter in this leak So I did not see that game but we try to go back and watch the did did beat Charlotte One hundred ninety two net rating seventeenth. Mba Negative one point five seventeenth on offense nineteenth on defense. Thirty four wins projected right now. A playoff odds only seven percent. I do think that fivethirtyeight is really understating. The playoff odds for some of these teams like Memphis and Phoenix. Because just just like the bar is so low right now that if any of these teams can catch lightning in a bottle and same thing with the Spurs to and I think the spurs are really starting to catch that We'll we'll get to them but if any of these teams can catch lightning a bottle and just like play well for two or three weeks. That's like they could get in. And Yeah maybe there's a feeling that it these teams aren't that good. They haven't played that while they don't have that good a players but so far but I really think it's just it's such a low bar right now that any of these teams. I'm not ready to totally ruled them. Out Sacramento. I feel a little bit lower on but even that I would not be ruling out as of yet so Right and it doesn't take too much of a hot streak. I think that's something something that's true of the east and the West Right now and Phoenix certainly eligible for that. Oh it's the question from Cooper her right now. Which you take Andre in or Marvin Bagley for the next ten years? What if you had to play them in power forward or center I would take Aden? I had eight and higher in the draft process and part of it. I mean it's so crazy because we're dealing with switch a small small sample with the Andre in because he had played it in that first game and then got suspended and I'm more intrigued by his defense potential at center and I think that his you know you can make argument. That bag leads more productive right now but I think like Eaton's overall offensive tools better but more importantly it's like the physical profile type stuff that I think that he it's not a Gargantuan difference for me between the two but I just think that he profiles better for the average MBA team and he's more natural center to me. And I think that there's more if if I were to buy the idea that either one of them viable defensively. I would buy more than for back late. This absolutely eight at least has some ability to switch. He does have the long arms. which which Bagley doesn't it? He does have some size to defend in the post. which Bagley doesn't really Marvin Bagley trying to defend Nicole? Yoke or Joel embiid like you. Just start laughing rightly whereas eight. That's the case. All I also think Aden's injury histories less concerning to me and Eh eight and has been profiled better offensively and I I would say at this point. He's at least efficient worth Bagley. It's like not even that efficient as of now so Yeah I think aiden Eytan would be the guy for me like pretty clearly between those two. I am not really sure what I would point to that. Bet You can even make the argument for badly. If you'RE GONNA make the argument for Bagley would be maybe the idea positional versatility. I mean that Bagley if if you complete that he doesn't fit either position yeah I mean gene. So he doesn't fit either position. Maybe it's better with a center and but at least Aden it's like if he is what you thought he was going to be. You could see how that's viable you can see how you can fit around now. You can question whether he's GonNa get there defensively or not you in question whether he can be dominating often so player but at least if he is what he is supposed to be that worse they've even Bagley If he is whether it's supposed to be it's like that's gotta be so good to make all the other trade offs with him worth. Yeah I'll do question from Kalash. J. J. in one should the sons use the tower Johnston expiring contract and Dario Sharks to get gallon hardier. Kevin Love I will go more in the abstract and then work forward. Which is I'm actually writing a piece right now? For the athletic about the idea of WHO teams using teams that are going to be over the cap using expiring contracts and conceptually. Yes if you can find the right player. I think that's the right decision as long as it doesn't push over the over the tax which I'm guessing robber servers not willing to do on the suns team. That is not going to make the playoffs this year. Whether Gallon are your Kevin. Love is the right option. I think is the more interesting interesting question. Galadari is not unless he's willing to resign and you have a guess on what that price is going to be because he could be a good fit for this year. The suns are seventeen offense. Yes I think he would really help them there. But unrestricted free agent older than their core so not as good a factor there and Kevin Love. He's just a negative value contract. So I would say conceptually. Actually yes if you could get a better player right now. Kevin Lover Dale Gagner. I think I'd rather have Gallo for just this year. I mean that's tough right. You'd like to think that love love is better offensively Love to actually has a more versatile jump shot he does the offensive rebounding with love. That's really a thing of the past at this point running time. It seems like he's got this post up ability. Buddy hasn't really been efficient in the post this year. Am He's very. Both of them. Are extremely reliant on like drying joint total bullshit files. Yeah I think probably like gala. Just because like we're just talking about with Bagley like Gal at least he's not a good defender but he at least fits into a defensive offensive position and I think you could build a competent defense around..

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