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A time where we need it more than half ever it also gray waited never miss an episode ring of fire radio back to help me run down the biggest news stories of the past week heather digby pardon from salon so heather we had begun to talk about this in the last hour but had barely scratched the surface and of co boris there's a lot of surface with regards to this latest and really there were i mean there were two narratives that emerged this week obviously the the don jr narrative and then a second one which i want to touch on in a bid that miller is starting to look into jared kushner's digital operation but let's stick with don jr for a moment and just catch people up as to where we were in the first hour which was eight comes out particularly ads i guess and supposedly i should say kushner and man effort are particularly kushner looks through his security clearance questions and his lawyers fine records of any male exchange our emails that he got from don jr manafort apparently found these emails to and it seems when don jr got the emails from this this manager of a of former soviet union seniors career i guess really articulate this bomb and inviting him to a meeting with a socalled his words russian lawyer don jr had been fording these two manafort in kushner so when he told us the other day and i can't remember this story one two or three that he didn't tell kushner and manafort what it was about apparently he did and that's why they showed up to presumably or maybe they came to babysit don jr as he met with his lawyer who purportedly had information that was that implicated hillary clinton in some manner and this i mean this is pretty stunning because it moves heather this from a while we have meetings with russians all the time men we had our own reasons for making a public or i forgot about it into a whole new round doesn't it absolutely i mean you know the pattern has it clear now looking back back at you know the the the theme to the trump associate to have an unusual memory loss when it comes to having met with russian in the campaign and during the transition and.

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