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I said hip drunk and they said in my defense. I was thinking about hot as in spicy. Picked a sausage said. Sorry what she said same shape. I got it before she explained it. I was there on the shape. And this is i mean we're vibe and now is little things. I've been collecting those little things. They're the little things that they really make me laugh. I love my toes. I just wanted to as a fan as they're going to be another specialty. Think let's it's really what i do when the net hit and ever wanted to pay him in ever. And you know you're gonna do your tv show. And i'm like that seems like recipe fanaticism. Or what you know having your own show about yourself self directed by you. Show run my youth recipe fanaticism and yet. There's enough proof on the table. I think i can contribute to that proof that it is an ego trip for sure yet but no i also like that's a someone on this the play some. That seems overwhelming. I i'm so. I sat down with my manager. Ms like where do we want to go. what is my ideal career. Unlike laurie anderson. You don't you just does her thing. Yeah analysts like she's batch it and just does think thing she you know she says. I want to do this thing now. I wanna make it film now that you always does a live shows. Yeah good for you. I mean talk about people doing things for for reasons. That are other people's reasons rather saying stupid shit because part of the culture that we're not even aware of or reliving someone else's dream so i'm so happy that you're wise enough to go way. Wait what actually do i want to do. Not what could i do. But what do i wanna do. Don't if it's wise enough. But i'm tired enough i'll take it. I'll take it the success. When i was young. I would have had the energy to what you spend it otherwise but i don't have a lowly. It's get the great gatsby i mean. That's what it would have been on. Nbc i'm sorry i get what's up homes a lot. I'm sure you get great gatsby but What can we yours times. My last name is homes. No but what's the rift. You haven't heard that. Instead of homeboy homemade. Say home Let's see i would have gone elementary. But that's the other characters. That is when i as watson it's elementary. Yeah you're right. Would no shit sherlock. When i make a dinner reservation i'll say home's like sherlock and they laugh and i go. That's my mother. Which which. I think good thank you and i do want end on sincere note and say you really tremendous. I'm so grateful for what you're putting out there because it's healing it's connecting and it's putting more love into the world so i hope you feel. Well i feel good loving you. I don't i. It doesn't matter how you help. Would you end. We have the guests. Say the catchphrase. It's button for the episode. The catchphrases keep it crispy. And then we'll be done kepa crispy keep it crispy is that what is cape crispy corpus christi corpus christi. That's a corpus crispy. Chris keep keeping crispy incorporate speed cape it. Crispy pickle confused. You did it though you said keep it crispy so account crispy crispy come on komo now. We're pleading i like that. I hope they come off literally co reid by like that to come on guys. Keep it chris come up it crispy. I hope we get to meet in real life someday. Nice thank you for doing this. It was a delight. Pleasure pleasure Kepa crispy you keep crispy Don thank you so much. Thank you so nice to meet you. Nice to meet each day fifty. I'm so crispy wanted..

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