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Before we get to portland. I would just like to give an update to the texas the texas heartbeat law that is in effect as of right now in texas. The justice department actually said that it will not tolerate violence against anyone who is trying to obtain an abortion in texas as they explore of course a challenge whatever their options will be for a challenge to the state law. So merrick garland said the justice department would quote protect those seeking to obtain or provide reproductive health services Under a federal law known as the freedom of access to clinic. Entrances act And again i mean. I don't think it will be too much longer before we do. See the justice department Hand something over to texas file some sort of a lawsuit against us. Do you have your with i. I wrote a bill that governors didn't oklahoma signed against sex trafficking but the moment he signed my bill the bill he signed right before me was the heartbeat building oklahoma. And that's about to come into effect and become law. So you're going to see other states so i know for a fact. Oklahoma coming right on texas texas's heels here for it. Become you know the law. They signed the heartbeat. Bill and others are going to come to. Texas is not going to stand alone on this for long. Sarah this other states. It's going to be able to bolster support. And i personally think v wait gets turned honestly really. I think we're gonna see it. I we have a window. You're much more optimism. Because i'm telling you. I think watch. There's a there's a slow going to catch them by surprise because there is a whole lot of other things because this snuck in like. How in the heck did that happen in texas well newsflashes already signing oklahoma. I was there for the signing. Okay so in other states have come into so. I think now the people are speaking up. I'm very positive about that. Wow yeah well you know. It's interesting the language that maryland uses. Because i i feel like i mean. It's already violence against other people already illegal so it is interesting that they're like well we're not gonna tolerate violence against the people who are committing violence against their babies. We're not gonna tolerate that. It's like. I'm pretty sure like you're not allowed to assault people already. I don't think we need justice department until they go threaten us yeah But let me okay so let me throw the other story about this into the mix of the portland city council Plans to vote on prohibiting business transactions with the state of texas over this new law and They said there. They want to ban trading goods and services and bar city employees business travel to texas which is weird. I didn't realize that they even had a government. They just i mean. There's like a great picture of portland. Where where's where's this. Where's the city council there. Where's the mayor there. Where's the city government there. I don't see them so. I'm just shocked about that part. We're not going to send any of our zoo to texas. Thank you thank you for not michael. And he watches the show and he's a businessman in portland. He's trying to help save that city. He's probably gonna protest because he travels to texas a lot but no hey keep him. Keep on their. Keep the crazy californians. Keep them all. We're pretty good year in texas. We don't need any of that here. Well they the portland city council stands unified in. Its belief all people should have the right to choose if and when they carry a pregnancy Pretty sure you choose that whenever you do the act And that the decisions they make are complex difficult and unique. To their circumstances the band will be in effect until the state of texas withdraws. It's unconstitutional ban on abortion or until it is overturned in court city legal counsel is currently evaluating legal aspects of this proposed resolution. All my god. Eric not the communists coming to texas we do. I don't care where you're at on the subject of bush and that's the silver lining while it. Is that a bunch of brain lift off. We can't go to texas. Thank you like if nothing else if nothing else. That is a positive thing Pretty sure it probably goes one way when it comes to trade in portland especially when it comes to oil and other things. I don't think that's a he'll that they certainly want to die on. This is more just political. Posturing is certainly all that. This doesn't mean certainly anything. Look i don't know what's going to come of this. Definitely with the federal government evolved. Hopefully if nothing else more we get more civil than that. He ended texas stock to get enough of the you know the lower extremities to say screw the federal government and we've become a nation state on. Oh i would love that. That would be fantastic and maybe this will be the the tipping point where the federal government finally gets the toilet go through themselves because that what what what can they do. What are they gonna do. You can't do that. We're going to do what now. I love what you just said. Hey we're not going. Send anything your way anymore. We don't need any. Hey how about. We stopped sending anything. How are we turn valves. The funny thing about like when it comes to like. Oh these these pro would not pro-trade at all. Let me say that. Have never been pro-life reach ray but certainly with the like migration thing we're seeing now with the vaccine is a will you notice that he's whole open borders free free movement freedom of movement. Soon as you get to talk about vaccines and now we're talking about abortion and they wanna stop moment of people from moving around at disagrees with the mess hilarious out of works out like that. What's the first thing they did was shazad shop. When they secured that perot. Yeah we need power. We need food. Yeah like okay. Let's can we make some deals. We called ourselves autonomous. But what that meant exactly. Yeah exactly i. This reminds me of all of these leftists on twitter. That have just been you know freaking out still about the new texas law and they're like wall truth to ban or to see that we hate it we're gonna stop having sex with men and like great. I think that you stop having you're responsible. Sex with multiple partners sucking having abortions voted on so are alternatives abortion downright thing. Who knew ask bill. This is a great. We're something a lot of times you threaten me with a good time. No like out here at texas for those of us to those of you. The guy who wants to show a lot of the movement when you talk about pro-life movement in this in in a state at the forefront of it are women. I've hated how they've crafted this moron. Discussion as men ruled right. It's like. I don't think you understand what's really going. Most of the women that the people that are not speaking so much about this. That i've known in my life have all been women for the most part because it's so close to home certainly for them so they need to dispel that narrative that it's men doing something to the women's bodies. There's no women that are at the forefront of any eric again. It's because they bought into this fake feminist movement in this country that the feminists in this country are really about women's rights in. They're not they're about themselves. It's like you know a self elevating movement it is women fighting this fight absolutely predominantly in texas. All right. we've got more to come. I want to thank our sponsor built bar. So if you're like.

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