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I was like look at this and i had it on one night and she was like great you put mascara like good for you and i was like i didn't just put on mascara i put on the mascara and she was like why story anybody will naturally scare us. Get a really bad rap. I know like my experience has always been bad and then put it on. I really liked the way that it went on. I liked the look of it. It is a very dark massacre. It's not as much daytime mascara. As i had thought it would be. Yeah i was associate natural. Musk ariza's leo's can be really subtle. Exactly it isn't. It's like pretty dramatic even still after i put it on. I liked it. I was prepared to dislike it at any moment where i was like. Oh it's gonna like flake or a rub off and it didn't it. Were super well. So i'm a. I'm a huge proponent of of this if you're also skeptical of natural mascara. Because i was going into this assuming i mean the good thing about sports you can return anything. Yeah so i was like. Yeah i'm finally going to do it but that i'm gonna probably not like it. Yeah and surprise surprise. It's good. I've been telling you this for a while now. I feel very validated. I know yeah. What about reading. Oh i have good reading to recommend. So i finished anxious. People by frederick bachmann and that's the same author as a man called ov-. I'm very curious for your visa because i have that in my to read pile and i don't a heap feeling so i started it last and i talked about this and it's definitely outside my usual genre. It's a kind of like comedic police procedural about a robbery and for the first two thirds of it. I liked it. it was. it's very well written. Which is especially impressive. Because it's a translation it's like very smart like the humor in a wordplay is all very good and i was like for the first two thirds of it. I was like this is good. I don't know that would give us like a glowing review or like shove it on people are like recommend it but i don't regret it by any stretch. Okay do you think. I would like it will wait. The last third of it is phenomenal. Nominal like was sobbing. My eyes out. Not because it was sad. Just because of the sheer humanity of the book. About like this group of people. And i don't want to spoil anything but like i lost it in the last third like i cried multiple times and it was so wonderful So yeah i do think he would like it. But i mean it's hard to say like you're going to go in like the first two thirds but like it pays off okay but Oh my gosh yes. I loved it. Okay maybe i'll read that next because i started. I started reading yesterday. And i can't tell if i was just distracted or it's just not for me. I started reading the next talia. Hibbert book the Take a hint. Danny brown and i just don't like it so far. I mean i think anything that you started on election day. I know i think he gets a second chance. But i just was like i couldn't get into it. I didn't like the main character. But i'm gonna give it another try okay. We'll definitely try anxious people and let me know what you think about it. And then the other thing. That i read was on sunday night when i had very intense sunday. Scary i read in a holidays by christina. Lauren which is their new book and it is a christmas book. I'm so excited to read this one. It was so fine it is a romance but it is not quite as sexiest. Some of their others. I like they just have so much range. I'm always like so. I don't know i. How many books they put out and then also like how much i love them. I know i love them but anyway so this is kind of like a groundhog's day type thing where a girl keeps going back in time in reliving the same christmas holiday and she's at this cabin with her family and then like a group of family friends and they have all of these like very cute traditions and i loved it. I loved her. I love the love story. I loved the family story. I was just like smiling a book that makes you feel happy. Okay maybe that's what our All these things that you're saying. Maybe that's what i'll read. It was so good. I read it in one night and i just like it really took my mind off the election and so if you're stressed about anything link it just felt like it was a good warm hug book. Oh good i'm excited. Yeah it was fun but they can't write a bad book the two of them. I'm also very excited. Because we got an advance copy of their next book. Oh yes i did you know. I think we got galleys. Like they're just the galley. Whenever i get a bound galley literally kind of looks like he went to kinkos or something like it's like a public only get like a handful of those that's precious precious. But i also i always feel like miranda priestly twins will you and i we can't share but also like when she has to get the bound manuscript of harry potter and i always feel so special like that's really high the manuscript in my head where i'm like. Oh my god look at me. Yes i know so they have a new book. That's coming out in may twenty twenty one and i'm very excited for that one. To what did he rip this week. So i had. I kind of talked about this at the beginning of the episode but gesture review the two nonfiction books that i'm reading our. I'm listening to just mercy by bryan stevenson. I'm just about done with that. I cannot recommend that book. Noth- i've learned so much about the criminal justice system and like all of the horrible injustices on it's very upsetting cry listening to it but i will say i learned so much and it just really good buck and i will say the. I think we've talked about this before. But the movie is also excellent but it really focuses more on just the walter mcmillen case whereas the book dives into so many other things like i just finished the part about children that are like locked up for life because the things that they did when they were really young in that like just like breaks me the other nonfiction book. I'm reading right now. Is joyful by ingrid fatally which is recommended me by my sister. She talked about it when she came on the podcast and It's about the way the aesthetics and colors and things like abundance Ken bringing joy and happiness. Yes it does come from within but it also can be impacted by a six. I i only read like maybe a chapter every couple days because it's pretty dense. It's your typical nonfiction book. But it's so interesting and so information book that did not take me long to read was pretty things by donell brown and that was recommended to me more money than you when when katie mcgee came on the podcast. We'll i like it. Because i thought when she was pitching it i thought it sounded really good. It's so good. I think that you would like it. So this is about to women and their stories kind of collide so one of them is a con artist. Her mother was a con artist but her mother has cancer. She got like a great education at a liberal arts school and then she's working in the city as i think like antiques dealer of some sort..

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