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During the week during. The day and they finally heard you now. I've gotten like ten fifteen tax matches the last couple. Of days was spot on. What. This that's what I'm talking about Nick I'm glad. I could bring him aboard. The family that's what I'm? Talking, about what do you got formula Nikki. I'll make a quick break that guy Derosier is one hundred million percent top twenty. Five player in the NBA and Ingram I don't. Think we'll ever be. Top thirty player let's be boom any he might, be with play with LeBron next year's but he's got saw me for. Two years and he? Really, hasn't, skyrocketed what did you think well listen, I think Ingram playing alongside LeBron James it's only going to help if you're able to knock down that outside Sean LeBron because of his ability to, get to the pass kit Lonzo ball. Say what you want about his. Dad, that guy, has, unbelievable playmaking, ability He's. Going to get. To the basket Brandon Ingram has. Got to be able to knock down the outside shot for the Los. Angeles Lakers and if you look at Kuwait Leonard wondered, I don't want to hear. The excuses you don't want to go to. Toronto you're free agent at the end of next year. Shut up and play you. Went. Through this whole dog and pony show not playing. I'm hurt team says otherwise. Okay you're gone now you? Want, to one hundred million dollars you want. To get paid like LeBron James and Kevin Durant and all these top notch superstars. In a league killer for Toronto have a great. Year and then you. Want to go to LA be my guest but, you can't take that he's gonna sit out the year and get away. With it no way? No, how, when we come back the row Rivas, retires hall of Famer to me it's not even debatable perhaps no other automobile manufacturer in the world has a better reputation for safety Volvo and according, to thousands of satisfied customers there's no. Safer place to purchase your Volvo Dan bay orig- evolve like the. All new two thousand eighteen Volvo xc sixty just. In the winner.

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