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Two Navajo tribal police officers get swept up in a thrilling, murder mystery at a Navajo Nation outpost in the early 1970s. That's the stepping off point for the new AMC series dark winds, which premieres this Sunday. The TV series features a lot of native talent, both in front of and behind the camera. They include director Chris air and showrunner Graham Roland. The source material for dark winds is taken from the late Tony hillerman's Lee porn and Chi novels. The stories from the non native hillerman get it decidedly native treatment from the series writers and producers. On the show today, we'll hear from those involved in adapting these works for television and we also want to hear from you. Are you a Joe Lee porn or Jim Chi fan? Are you planning to watch dark winds this weekend? Join our conversation one 809 9 6 two 8 four 8. One 809 9 native. On the show today, we have Billy Luther. He's a writer for the television series dark wins, and he's speaking with us from Los Angeles, California. He's Navajo hopi and laguna. Billy, welcome back to native America calling. Hi. Thanks for having me. You bet, Billy, and I had a chance this week to get a sneak peek at dark wins, streamed a few episodes. That's a perk of being the host here early access to some cool TV series and movies. And I just want to say I really enjoyed it. Very engaging show. Congratulations to you and everyone else involved in the production. Awesome. Thank you. Yeah, no, there's a lot of love, blood, sweat, tears, that went into this. And I can't believe it's finally here. On Sunday, it's really cool. Yeah, almost two days away, and I've got so many questions that I'm excited to talk to you and other guests. I'm not quite sure where to begin, but why don't you start us off with a brief summary of the show? Yeah, you know, the series is based on the novels from Tony hillerman. And we actually took a couple of them listening woman was one of the shows I'm sorry the books that we used for inspiration and also just parts of people of darkness. And it was really kind of interesting to see how the writers room let me first say that the writers room was all of native it was an all native writers room, which is very rare. For our TV drama. But so read those two books. And those books I grew up with, it was just something that in our homes growing up. And many people remember these books because of Jo Lee porn and really kind of going through and solving crimes on the Navajo reservation. And this one, this series is definitely one of those. We've just follow these two characters, you know, their personal lives as well as the crime that they're trying to solve. So it was really great to kind of go in and get these characters to be a little bit more evolved and more elements of their Navajo Ness. Yes, you could say. Yeah, they're dabbling. And let's talk a little bit more about how the show compares to the original source content. It's been a few years since I've read any Tony hillerman, but right away it was apparent that you and the other writers have reworked many of the storylines and characters..

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