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Defensive coordinator Vic Fangio's head. Coach Fangio was the Panthers I ever defensive coordinator York Jets will hire former dolphins coach Adam cases, head coach Cleveland Browns, promote Freddie, kitchens to become head coach. Clemson sees three defenders off to the NFL draft early defensive tackle Dexter Lawrence cornerback Trayvon Molin and linebacker trae Lamar Alabama quarterback. Jalen hurts goes into the NCW transfer portal, upgrading. Her diamond diamonds direct guarantees the best price on any size diamond, Carolinas diamond importer, diamonds direct Sharon road across from southpark mall. Jim Zaki WBZ sports. Tom Sorensen coming up in just moments here on WBZ to talk about Thomas Davis. If you've been walking around your home, especially now that the temperatures are going lower again, and it's feeling like January you've been seeing some roaches scattering. Every once in a while, you wonder why that is well don't blame them. They're doing the same thing, you're doing don't blame them. But stop them. They're just trying to get inside where it's warm like people do, but you don't wanna share your home with pests wintertime past like rodents, and spiders and cockroaches this winter season you want to call home paramount pest control the leader in pest control since nineteen thirty nine. And when you give them a call they'll come out and do a free sight inspection to look for conducive conditions for mosquitoes and ticks, and like I said, the most basic one is a warm house. They want to get inside where it's warm. Call home paramount a number you could actually remember later this afternoon, if I asked you about it, what was that number about was talking about eight eight eight eight eight eight home, triple eight triple eight home, you're inundated with numbers and websites and such all day long with there's a number. You can actually remember and it can be put to good use eight eight eight eight eight eight home or online homeparamount dot com. WBZ news time seven thirty three. Now, your Weather Channel forecast on.

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