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Superstar recruit, but he's one of those guys who just seems to diligently work through different parts of his game and it's just gotten better and better and better. Yeah, I told you buster a scout friend of mine watched him very closely a few years ago in Arizona and he watched him during a game and in the on deck circle he had the exact same routine in the on deck circle to get ready for it at bat. Meaning he took X number of swings, he took the exact same number swings in the on deck circle before every at bat, which it's like a great free throw shooter. Once he gets his routine at the line, it's not like the rest is easy, but it makes you feel a whole lot better at release that you have prepared for your shot. He is so prepared for every at bat. And man, that's Sunday Night game that we did. He hit a ball from Carlos rodon that was down and in first pitch and just crushed it. Everything he's swung at this month, he has crushed. So I always like to look at the standings. I don't know about you, but I always look for that team that's sort of surprising and coming up from nowhere. And last year, that team without a doubt was a scene that was cardinals. Like I wrote them off earlier in the year and all of a sudden at the end of the year, they went day after day after day, you know, they make the playoffs with that tremendous surge. And a team that I noticed in recent days has been making a push, the Texas Rangers. Tim, I gotta admit, like we got to the end of April and we know how the ranges have struggled in recent years. We got to the end of April. They were 7 and 14 on April 30th, and I was like, okay, well, just another lost year for Texas. And I look up today, they're within a game of 500. They've gone 16 and ten in the month of May so far. Martin Perez, 1.60 ERA Corey Seager, up to ten homers, Cole Calhoun's having a nice season, Joe Barlow's having an IC's now their bullpen. What do you make of the rangers? Well, I don't think they're making the playoffs, but they're better than I thought they would be. And they are where they are with Marcus Simeon, just the other day, hit his first home run of the season. It was a Grand Slam. Keep in mind he had 45 homers a couple of years ago, and this year he finally got to his first, meaning you know he's gonna play a whole lot better and hit a whole lot more. Don't forget buster how poor of an offensive team they were last year and how much better they are. I still don't think they're gonna pitch enough to win a division or make the playoffs, but look, Chris Jones in charge of that team buster with John Daniels and Chris young knows what he's doing and I'm really impressed with what they did in the off season. I think they're clearly going forward. I just don't think they're ready to win a division or make the playoffs this year. All right, last Friday before the whole Tommy fam and Jack Peterson thing really blew up as the big story out of Cincinnati. The bigger story and Cincinnati gave kappler the manager of the Giants denounced that he will not stand for the national anthem on most days until he feels better about the direction of the country that certainly got a lot of response around baseball. Some of his managerial peers supported him, tell you Russa said I respect foreign personally. I like him and I think he's right, but it's not the flag and it's not the anthem. What did you make of all this? Well, I wasn't surprised that Gabe Kepler was the one that made that stance. As we know, he's a very profound deep thinking person. If you read Tim Kuhn's tremendous story on ESPN dot com, it's just more insight into who Gabe kapler is. And I admire him for saying, look, this isn't good enough what's going on in our country right now. And I think most of us can agree about that. And I just don't know what good it's going to do, but I'm proud of him for trying. Somebody's got to try something and we'll see where it goes. Maybe others will follow. Maybe this will lead to change. Maybe we need a whole lot more than this to lead to real change. Yeah, and here's the thing. And I think you can handle the national anthem in any way that he wants. That's his right is a citizen in this country. And by the way, that's in keeping with what you and I have witnessed with the national anthem for years, right? It's not like in baseball, there's been this uniform response to national anthem. I've watched national anthems in ballpark for 30 plus years. And there's some players and I think you'll agree with me and who don't like to be on the field for the national anthem because they don't like to stand still. So they'll literally go out, do stretch, you know, they're running the foul line stuff and then they'll run off the field so they don't have to stand in place. There are some managers, coaches, players who will make a point of standing for the national anthem and to sing along with the words. They ever different feeling about it. I've stood behind players during the national anthem and they're sort of elbowing each other saying, look how hot the national anthem singer is. Like, it's not like there's a uniform response. In the middle of it, in Baltimore, a fan gel out, oh. As part of that, and that's why I've never quite understood why there's such a big deal made out of the national anthem. And I guess that's just because I've been what I've been watching in ballparks, all these years, there's not a uniform response to him to the national anthem. I agree, but what did you do, buster the other night during your stand up before a Sunday Night game? Tell us what you did. I always stand up. As the sideline reporter, a, you know, generally, I want to stand up for the national anthem, but I also am aware that if I don't stand up that there might be somebody who could take a picture of and tweet it out and I wouldn't want to embarrass my employer as being the one person who stood up. I will tell you that there are times when I was a reporter, a beat writer that when the national anthem began, if my phone rang and it was a source calling me, heck yeah, I ran to the back of the press box and took that phone call out of sight. You know, not bothering other people, not interfering with other people, standing up for the national anthem because I felt like in that moment, that was more important than the national anthem. Would you have taken a call? If it was an important call, I probably would have, but what happened to me, buster, was when I was a sideline reporter on Monday night baseball, I, they said, go, it's your turn. And as soon as I started, the national anthem came on. And I had to do my little 15 second stand up during the national anthem. And I must tell you. That didn't go over well. It wasn't my fault. I couldn't stop talking. Producer in the ear said, keep going. Whereas I wanted to stop, but you can't stop right in the middle, at least they told me not to. I didn't feel very good about that. Yeah, and I've had that as you know this year on baseball tonight, some of the timing has been off a little bit in a couple of instances. And I've been in the middle of a report and I can hear them teeing up the national anthem. And.

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