Donald Trump, Phil Rucker, Sanders discussed on The Nicole Sandler Show


You know what i'm talking about he's great he's a tweet today that had the picture of her taking the tests and just i kind of want to see him i want to see him on tv he's too much fun i know what you're saying but i don't care yeah well sixty minutes episode is is allegedly airing this sunday right trump is saying she owes him twenty million dollars because she's been talking about their alleged affair and thereby you know breaking the right well good luck with that and of course if it does air which i'm hoping it will you're going to see that lawyer michael manati all over the place all over again so yeah only just time it'll be more fun okay so how could be did another white house lying session today yeah i actually saw most of it she's she's something way oh boy phil rucker of the washington post he did to tweets that i put out sanders says trump did not raise russia's meddling in the two thousand sixteen us election in his phone call congratulating putin on his recent victory the recent victory where they were stuffing the ballot boxes on tv on video they you can actually see people pulling multiple balanced and then stuffing them in the boxes and part two of the tweet is same with russia's poisoning of an ex spy in britain sanders said it did not come up so trump called putin to congratulate him but did not have stern words or any words on election meddling or poisoning on anything.

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