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To the show. Now shall we get marcatti. Gabbay try and get the latest of what's going on between brazil and argentina. I suppose the first question is where is the phone who is being blamed for this. We try to piece it together on the cabin. Joe show with excellent gustav hoffman from from. Espn brazil wrote about up on the website. It's incredibly complicated. The short answer is a lot of different. Parties are to blame the brazilian health surveillance service. I think that's a shoulder. Some of the blame the argentine. Fa those two in my opinion based on the facts. We have right now. They shoulder most of the blame but at every stage you can go back and you can find others are also responsible comparable the brazilian fa. The brazil's own government and federal police. All these all these people when you look back. There's things that they could have done differently. But for me the two main indictments were. There was no need to go and run onto the pitch and that theatrical way in which they did and the other thing is far as the argentine. Fa is concerned regarding the owners for reporting from gustavo hoffman. There was a meeting the day before they felt. They had an agreement in place with a brazil sanitation service and then afterwards they were told very very clearly that these players if you simply leave them in the hotel if you don't send them out onto the pitch we're going to go and sort this out after the game and the game can go ahead and still. They didn't do that to me. That is it's inexcusable. But that is certainly why. I hold the argentina fe more responsible than some of the other parties. I do say some because from what. We've seen the brazilian survey health surveillance. Authority serving. didn't covered themselves in glory either. I don't think many alley on komo bingo card. Would it have had this situation unfolding embarrassing really really embarrassing. And i've seen some things in common. Yes believe me. When i tell you that i've seen some things that you kind of go off and we got to be better than this. But this is such a poor reflection on comic all on on brazil and not hindi now into federations on even on the health ministry the fact that they have this guy just kinda walkout there as scheduled said theatrically on the field that this was not resolved prior to getting to the stadium that he didn't get to a point in which would have said listen. Look this is what's going to happen. This is what we're going to do. And this are the solutions that are in place and this is how we're gonna resolve it instead. We go on me. The elbow deep. Hey everybody warm up. Let's get ready a ha. We're all excited. Here's a starting line of illegal. We're excited in all right. No it's not happening that just show so poorly for those of us that are from south america. It's it's just sort of thing that you just kinda go come on. We have to rise above this sort of things. We cannot have this sort of behaviour because he's reflects poorly on our people on how we do things how carry yourself and how we do government on how we do. Kobe protocols reflect so poorly on everybody. And really i mean if there was anything that you point the finger and say men how embarrassing ten. It'd be embarrassing. Yeah it was just awful decision after seven minutes yes. It's the big i am. We're going to do and i'm going to stand here. Hey guys and now he comes up with the bad and the thing it's the whole thing was just so clearly embarrassing. Listen i'll tell you who should absolutely region players because they've they've clearly the clubs didn't want them to go and they've a stand and said i'm playing for my country not fair released the t- the f. Should have made shoot. Every single thing was in order before these stepped on a plan. Not just get on the plane avenue. Borough ray don't worry about it to know if i'm if i'm martinez. I'm going by villa. And i'm going to have to mess games no missing game when then even get to play or because my made a complete mess of this. Say if i'm one of those players. I am region knowingly martinez as well of course a number of spurs players also included in this mess scab. Yeah no question about it and And remember that in the case of these players here. It's they didn't have the clubs permission to go. They didn't the club did need. They didn't need the club permission to go but obviously this puts them in a weaker in a weaker position. It should be said on the back. Of what allie said they couldn't they beforehand. Of course. I think this is one of the mysteries. And there's still a lot of stuff that we don't know what we do know. Is that on saturday. Twenty four hours before the game. They showed up at the argentina hotel. That is brazil's health surveillance officials and they had a meeting with the argentine. Fa with call me bowl officials and with officials from the brazilian fa and they said guys. We need to go and sort this out. What are we going to do when they left a meeting. Certainly the argentina fe calm ball and the brazilian fa again. This is all not my reporting is gustav hoffman's reporting. They felt that they had an agreement. They felt that they had defined agreement in place that they could go ahead and play the game and that after the match they would go and deal with the situation however the next day around three o'clock in the afternoon local time they drive around three hours before kickoff. The brazilian health authority puts out that statement. Saying that you know those four players will be deported. because they're not quarantining in the issued false statements and whatever and there's absolutely blindsided kabul. So the question here is both sides. You know i. It was a massive misunderstanding. After four hours of talking or one of those two two sides change their mind or or essentially is misrepresenting the facts and that was that was kind of the the real i blow with things that are different to taken a different turn. The second time was at the stadium itself. roughly a half hour before kick-off when the health people showed up with the federal police. I'm told argentina they said look we can still salvage situation. If these four players do not play if they're not in the matchday squad than you guys are going to be okay and we'll deal with it after the game at that point again. Reportedly the argentine. Fa said these guys are here. they're my players either. We all play our. Nobody plays and again and at that point. That's when the situation turned into the fires that we saw it's going to be so difficult to go and pick this because there's so many different versions of events and again it's sad but coma bowl. Basically passing the hot potato defense and say oh well fee. So you're responsible for this figure out how to sort this out and and sits an indictment of comparable to because they were the people responsible for organizing. This fast is most definitely the word they use that gab. So south stand income vote.

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