A new story from Larry Wilmore: Black on the Air


No fat bone on that stake when she gets to that part i knew speaking cryptically but she really took anger important to view in humor and mix it in a way you haven't quite seen before as almost a call to action of sorts right you know transformation of standup really happy exists now me to you know to stretch the form you know so what's next for you trae i know one thing i to talk about your photographer to yes and you were down at the border recently i went to tonio texas el paso how about when i was still working on camping with lena dunham and jimmy connor they were putting together or some a group was putting together a rally at the border and they wanted to make sure that enough it got enough precedential enough people knew about it right and that this story of these detained kids in separated families in start to die because of lack of publicity once it's off the the breaking news cnn breaking forget about it and snotty about it anymore right or you get bored with the story yes they want them to put together a group of people who had a lot of like public influence and social media presence to come down be a part of it talk about it post about it so that they could keep an aaron of going and so jenny elena asked me if i would go and yeah usually said yes like like i responded so fast to that text and why did you wanna take pictures as a as a photographer myself like i love taking pictures i think pictures are so powerful in in telling stories in changing the way people see events because like anything depending on how you use the lens you can tell maybe we'll think whatever you wanna think like the civil rights picture of the dog lunging at yes thinking the same thing like change the tide of civilizing fascinating how that is not accurate in the picture what you see is nothing at all like what actually happened but like that picture on the front page of papers turn the tide right movie did with it was it did what it was but it wasn't really the truth exactly yes and so which which one's more honorable right right yeah anything about tiger for now more had a lot of those same as a mile my li like the the the photos in they really can affect how people feel about this and so i wanted being that i've gotten so into harvey i wanted to like talk to people and take pictures like show people a through my i like what this was like okay so do you have an intention to document or do you have an intention to tell a story so i when i'm shooting on the street like in new york when i'm at home in.

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