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Nine hundred forty and what he found. Well, it was surprising. I mean, at least for me. Jason Oliver Chang is joining us now and welcome to new USA Jason. Yeah. My pleasure. It's awesome to be here. What you have done in kind of uncovering the history of Chinese in Mexico. Is really in many ways. I think earth-shattering. Wow, I really feel that way. So I gotta ask you where does it come? From was it that you as a kid, we're going to Mexico? What is it that made you say I want to study the Chinese in Mexico? Yeah. After my first year at Berkeley's ethnic studies program. I encountered some articles about the Chinese migrating between US and Mexico. And I thought to myself how can I have spent ten years of my life studying the border and not known anything about this? Then I started reflecting as oh, yeah. I saw like Chinese restaurants in Nogales. And I remember meeting chains Mexican doctor who ran a free clinic in Tijuana. And I was like oh there there. I just didn't think to ask why? Or what their experiences were like, it's almost like you too. Yeah. You to body into the notion of what Mexican national culture and identity, absolutely. When did the Chinese.

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