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The new heist flick dan of thieves about a group of sheriff's deputies chasing bank robbers eyeing the federal reserve bank in los angeles he suspects is trained in day balda in a whole new package it's a movie that's very smart it's gotta water to store storm but it's also foot twists and turns it so fun and surprisingly emotional has for jackson's career change from rap star to small screen and now big screen actor oh i like this this was good to see them doing this for my love the works because the poohpoohed no what it is i just figured it out you are bigger than you are when you own the big screen and people looking up like this edging there and in a see they get so excited i'm at for all cushion slight firm years ago thyroid butler ever try joining his costar for record i'm done relocating me i make movies it's fought but that's what i do this would be so different for me slate of oregon michelle pollino vince gill chris young ingest in more had been added to w we fast 2018 joining headliner at the area underwood tastes now theme and florida georgia line also on tap josh turner christianssen time a far ashley mcbride and many others for the three day country music encamping festival in its thirty six year from august seconds through the fourth issue pick learn ben are back for a second season faith hills one of the producers behind the daytime soccer hosted by kelly pick where and ben aaron in nashville tally part in tim mcgraw literally town and riva mcintyre our just a few in country music who appeared on the show in season one hundred stuck his holes and i knew documentary on the legend johnny cash is in the works according to the hollywood reporter it will focus on caches legendary concert at folsom prison that's fox country on fox news the new said matters from around town at around your world is to listen you guys pretty much for my new coming up at the top of the hour on newsradio 1410 wdov everybody so it's time we get to hear from all of you it.

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