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It's the dust bunnies. Only natural Prentice on the long run along. Welcome back to Los Angeles, very exciting week of college football, ending with the Alabama feet down of LSU that had ordure on calling out his team it is a Wednesday. So you know, what that means time for our weekly visit from our friend the mouth of the south whole fine bomb. How we doing Paul man, I'm doing great. I need to go to an ENT Manhattan, though after that last segment, Molly paint here. It is out of control. He is on. Let me ask the question Paul finebaum. Molly Kerem since I want to say something. Karen campbell. My question is the question is the question. John would y'all y'all want me to sit back and mumble like my brother shat that which I want. Now, if you wanted to do that you want me to do that. For you're doing. No, no. Are you taking a shot Shaq? That's is. On TV. My talk. I could do that to my brother. I could lose. I listen to him. I usually don't listen to him all day half forty cents that what you're saying. I can mumble I could do that be mellow. I'm just saying. All right. All right. Strive let me ask you this. Michigan moves into the top four. I like low key support Michigan now. Full disclosure watch. A lot of Michigan games if they don't beat Ohio State. Does this even matter the success that they're having not really because it Michigan? That's what you're what you prime for. That's what you work all your four in. I think Molly by the way Sunday morning. I said something nice about Jim Harbaugh. Sportscenter man before the guy rolled out of bed. I got blown up on Twitter by Stephen Smith. My point being that there is more pressure on Jim Harbaugh today than there would have been if he was just going into this game with a mediocre season. Owen three maybe you're about to go and four because no one really has any faith in the buckeyes right now urban Meyer looks like a broken. I don't think he is. I don't think they are. But this is enormously important in Michigan loses the entire season, if they can't beat the buckeyes Paul or during calling out his team talking about we got overpowered and stuff like that considering it's Alabama, and they're going to do that to everyone. And like, what are you supposed to do? I read that as like an indictment of himself as a recruiter. We're you're right. I mean, like isn't that really the question with coach Ken, he recruit at the level? It's going to take. Well, that's fair point match because he built this entire season about beating Alabama. Now, remember he took over two years ago in the middle of the season. For last mile. But these are now mostly his players especially a quarterback. Joe borough was a graduate transfer from from Ohio State, and everyone thought he was going to be the salvation, and he was barely serviceable against Alabama. So yes, but it's not the first time a couple of weeks earlier. Jeremy Pruitt did the same thing. So we don't have the players a right right now. I don't think anyone in the SEC with a possible exception. And I don't even think they do of Georgia have the players right now to beat Alabama..

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