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One phone call to the Jim Rome show mobile Caroline balloon at airports correct the with more excellent way to go with regard to growth thank with the title I want to come pouring out of the athletes there's nowhere for no reason whatever to cross the finish line smack off twenty six to nineteen with the best of the best it's invite only some of the biggest players the point of act thirty as players in the game Hey let you can apply for your now in Vegas your face your girlfriend colors are bright wood alcohol which you know will get to the end of those double rainbow global two thousand Vegas with Canadian we collectively get these nurses doctors marquee in Hollywood what Canadians really mark we gotta get you some airport Miami you know thank you five thousand pine cones that you'll be looking up at me again long these mad and laugh in Laguna and penny few words you don't want to hear from Romy after call after call error tactical error you know like us yeah in South your Mike in India receive the ultimate compliment any smack off college whatever received at one point everyone thought he was me being the that's what I do I provide content I supply the stuff that keeps this whole operation of four breaks in buffalo it is number one number one contender based on a calendar days my pick up the phone call I win I win more than anybody because I am the best at this always have been always will be five time champ Brad in corona all right Johnny's radio career and his merry arteries at this point at the top of it the which one's going to go first but firstly Jim hammer into the arteries five the it has been brought me being left on the board however happened all of the favor and forget my name one March may lose the rest of you just need to clear your calendars to nineteen let's do it hi please five grand winner take all Friday at St girl fan tweets war land lines at not total beats weeds damn I re soup by ray soup can and string phone sounds better than some of those connections on war the kooks at the jungle open we try to recap the gentleman I was not there but I saw it online and I thought listen get a hardline it's not worth it it is not worth the risk get you a hardline they still exist you can find one how is that not party or preparation when you consider how much thought and time is probably gone into your phone call how do you not think about the main thing first a good clear phone line just find a hardline do you have to do it once a year it's for legacy for history it's for five grand when we return our number three Andy McCullough is a senior baseball writer for the athletic he starts off and I've got a lot more and your.

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