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Not sure she's doing very well meeting in these aspects where the yeah buts when he will say as well as as well as thinking that Julie Walters may be the best Demetre on the planet this movie Rooney couple movies into Jesse Buckner career. Maybe think Jessie Buckley, become the best matching the planet in the next few years if she continues on current victory amazing beast. Yeah, amazingness. Yeah. Sing she dance. She wants batmans head and allowance all sorts of stuff going on. She's just terrific. Yeah. I haven't seen her be bad in anything. Good in them. Tom hardy TV show to she was too as well. So yeah, I mean. Just soul wrong, basically, including Thome Harper, and my friend Johnny who did a couple of days focused pulling. Yeah, really focus. Focus was often dare you. He was only there for two days a couple of shots. I thought were ripping out of focus in fact, lens cap was still home. So weird dare you. So we this. What are we give this? We give this four stars or stars. We gave this four stars four stars IMP. Awad rosen. I am in agreement with that next up. Ben Travis will tell us all about the Tory debut of one Jona Lewis hill it has mid nineties. It is mid nineties and is a live -ly live coming of age story about a kid called Stevie play by sunny soldier terrible, pronunciation, I'm sorry. If that's wrong, pronunciation was not great. It wasn't good. Was it? You were hoping hadn't noticed, but it did. But he was the kids in killing of sacred DEA if you traumatized by that movie, he is having a better time than he was in killing of sacred, but he still having some trouble. So he's about twelve thirteen years old living in LA his older brother played by Lucas hedges, kind of constantly beat the shit out of him. And he's just in that like awkward stage, but he meets a group of Gates's. And he saw hanging out with them, and they kinda take him in. And it's it's that kind of movie is coming of age finding people getting a new outlook on life winding you'll tribe, and this is very much inspired by Jona hills Charlton and unless isn't it? Yeah. I think so it just feels very him. Generally in terms of the choices of the cultural references and the music. Oh, my go- the soundtrack to this is incredible loads of amazing nineteen hip hop stuff. The incredible surf UK version of wave of mutilation by the pixies. There's a scene where he's kind of go is bold for the first time. He's try now if you trace and just constantly falling over it's like a montage of influence over over and over again in front of the family house sets it yet this alternate vision of pixie song as soon as that was happening. I was like I'm so in on this. So is amazing music. And it's just really really well observed especially Joan hills debut film feels really confident it's very stylistic showing that kind of bookstore ratio, very intentionally kind of lo fi film stock. But also in the in the choices that makes there so many scenes in this that just feel so real. So even though Stevie kind of get seven bells note, how Mba's older brother, there's a scene at the Seoul the phone he sneaks into his brother's bedroom. Well, he's away. And he's just kind of like rifling through the CD's Brian down notes of all the things that he should be listening to this shrine of things that his kind of gateway into the world. But then also when he meets these. Gates's he finds a so of another way of life, and you start to see shifting perspectives on the carrots is sounds sink street. And we're way it is. Except a lot meaner Ka-sing street was with your your brother can be the best person in the world. Yeah. In fact, as well show to Lucas hedges because he's not actually in the film that much, but what he does in those scenes at first you kind of hates these horrible character..

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