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From the global solutions summit in Berlin. I'm Matt Miller. And I'm here at the European headquarters in the city of London. You're listening to Bloomberg daybreak Europe. It's going to be really exciting to hear what Angela Merkel has to say a little bit later on the way, you are. Yeah. Absolutely. Especially considering the well the Brexit saga took a fascinating turn yesterday as John berko set the house of Commons can't listen to the same the same proposal more than once in any parliamentary session. And now Theresa May is reportedly going to ask for a nine to twelve month extension. So that will be fascinating to hear miracles take on that are editor in chief John Mickel tweet. He's gonna sit down with her around noon for a Bloomberg interview. And I urge viewers to tune in and listen to that. Quickly. We'll take a look at what's going on in markets. This morning. Really not a lot. If you're looking at equity index is in Asia, we see some red arrows for the most part the nikei down fractionally as is the Hang Seng index, you do see a slight gain in the nifty fifty and a slight gain the sense sense ex. But for the most part, we see drops, and you also see equity index futures falling slightly just fractionally in London and here in Frankfurt is as well. Although US equity index futures are gaining not a lot of change obviously in currency markets. Well, actually, you might have expected the the pound to move substantially and it did kind of whip whip saw round but came right back to one thirty two seventy two euro one thirteen forty six. And you could buy one hundred eleven and a quarter yen for your dollar just quickly. What a look at oil Ameri Hordern is still over there in Baku, John, and we got those headlines out of OPEC and friends yesterday right now Brent crude is sixty seven fifty five a barrel. Nymex WTI at fifty eight ninety seven so relatively high prices of oil holding steady, Marcus. All right. It is six thirty two here in London and Bloomberg daybreak is out on customer terminals, bringing you all the news. They need to start your day. We're going to check the top headlines with daybreak editor Christine buck who's live for is out of Dubai. Christine said we kick it off with Brexit. Then Theresa May now widely expected to seek an extension to Brexit. What's likely to happen in the coming days? What we actually know. Well, jeez. What a difference that we've seen the last twenty four hours making this entire process going from thinking that we would possibly see a third vote to probably not having that third vote at all. I want to draw our listeners attention to two reports in particular that have caught my attention this morning. The first is from the sun, which is saying that Theresa May is actually working at the moment to draft a formal request to send the e that would be for an extension of Brexit for nine to twelve months. I'm so that's one thing that's being reported on. There's also another. Out in the guardian which is saying that the EU is considering changing the exit date of Brexit to July first from March twenty ninth. And by doing that, the idea is that changing that date would change the Brexit deal enough to possibly allow Burke how or possibly push Burke out to allow a third vote to go ahead in parliament. But those are just reports that has the that are swirling around we are hearing that may is expected to to head to Brussels later this week. So we'll be watching that closely as we always are with Brexit. I mean, this is just changing every minute every day. It's it's crazy. It blows my mind. It is fantastic. I mean, that's great news for us as journalists. Right. Yeah. Yeah. It's a gift doesn't stop giving. And frankly, the berko move it. It would seem like, you know, boring procedural obvious parliamentary rule, but shocking to me that the government had no idea about it considering how often it's been used in history in any case, let's turn to the US China trade talks. We haven't talked enough about this today US agricultural secretary. Perdue says that China could triple its purchases of American farm goods. What else did we learn about a potential trade deal? I mean, well, what the US agriculture secretary was saying was that if a trade deal does happen than what we could see from China is a doubling or tripling of those farm. Good purchases in two. Two to five years, if you didn't have much to say about the actual status of talks, and perhaps, you know, you said we haven't talked about this enough. But maybe that's because there there have been a whole lot of new developments on the trade talk front. But what we do know is that agriculture is very much in play and in discussions and Sonny. Perdue went on to say that China increasing farm purchases is one of the easiest things that it could possibly do as part of the larger trade negotiations. So I was a bit of optimism. I was being sarcastic. We talked about it enough. We have we have talked about trade a lot pops in the past couple of days, or so now one story that we have talked about in the past couple of days is the Boeing story. Reuters now reporting the Canada's reexamining its approval of the seven three seven max plane. What's the latest? There isn't there are couple of stories out in regards to what Reuters is reporting is noting that Canada just basically thinks that it's a good idea to review the validation of certification that it gave two Boeing seven thirty-seven max. Basically Canada had accepted the FAA certification on that. And we know based on stories out over the last couple of days that certification process has been called into question a bit. So candidate is now reportedly looking at that we also got some Collins from Boeing couple of our hours ago, the company did confirm that it does plan to soon. Release a software update. And also said it will update related pilot training for the seven thirty seven max to account for some of the concerns after the lion air incident in particular. I want to get to sex scandal. If I may the Warner Brothers CEO is apparently leaving the studio following some sort of scandal. What is the what is it? What are the details here? So the details all look so brothers CEO. And chairman his name is Kevin Tujia HARA. He is stepping down amid these allegations that he had a sexual relationship with an actress who he then maybe went on to show some favoritism to there are also reports that he is unbelievable in Hollywood. Yeah. Studio boss had an affair with an actress. And now he's showing this is unbelievable. Yeah. I think I think actually the thing that's more concerning. Some of the reports that have surfaced is that he used this relationship with this actress to then get film financing. And so I think that's one of the things that probably would be a bit more question. Just in terms of the conduct of a CEO of a major company. So anyways, those are the allegations he has stepped down. There is not a replacement as of yet. But the company did say that it plans to make an announcement on that at some point today. So I imagine we will get an update maybe when the US day gets underway. I suppose it's all about timing and the whole metoo movement and this happening. Yes. No. That's one hundred percent. And look it's time. It's we've known these things have been happening in Hollywood for what the since movies. Well, since it film forever. It's taken a century for for someone to finally do something about it. And that would be the metoo movement, right Christine. Thanks very much for joining us. Christine Burke, their daybreak editor coming to us live from where are you in? Singapore. Hong Kong Singapore, Dubai Dubai, of course. You know, what I'm I think in some ways, I'm geographically dyslexic. But I'll leave for a later time right now, let's go to overthrow leeann guarantees in London headquarters. Leeann what do you got for us? Good morning. Matt the prime minister of New Zealand has given an impassioned speech parliament about the terror attack in Christ Church. A twenty eight year old man in Australian citizen has been charged with one count of Muda. Other charges will follow he will face. The full force of the law in New Zealand. The families of the fallen will have Justice Johnson daughter and has vowed never to say the name of the alleged attacker as to not give him the notoriety craze fifty people were killed in the shooting at two mosques last Friday in the Netherlands officials say the suspect in the shooting on a trend that left three dead has a criminal record. A Turkish born thirty seven year old man has been arrested. Bloomberg's Ellen proper reports financed terrorists motive cannot be ruled out. The suspect. It's shooting the thirty seven year old government Tana's was arrested early evening the terrified level. Twelve inches. Raise to fight the first time it was raised to the highest level in the Netherlands Amsterdam pope on Bloomberg daybreak Europe. Tropical cyclone that tool across Mason peak at the weekend may have killed more than a thousand people. That's according to the country's president who spoke is heavy rains continued to cause devastation say fought east ninety eight people have died in Zimbabwean eighty four in Mozambique. According to official counts flavor news twenty four hours a day on Aaron it took on Twitter powered by more than twenty seven hundred journalists and more than one hundred twenty countries. I'm young guarantee. This is Bloomberg Markus. Thanks so much leeann coming up.

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