Wachter, President Trump, Sales Tax Increase discussed on Total Information AM Saturday


Protests at the work house police used pepper spray i'm brian kelly kmox news time is 705 the forecasters five minutes away and that forecast includes a warning about the heat of course the excessive heat warning is in effect until eight o'clock tomorrow night heading for a high of one oath seven today the complete forecast again moments away st louis state senator jamila nasheed calling for an audit of the st louis corrections division after the reports of inmates suffering at the city workouts because of the heat she's taking up the issue with governor gray and also carl i had to come and do a wachter a tornado that he can be part and the can our into work out there she says she's heard reports of inmates not only suffering from the heat but also being forced to sleep on the floor well those conditions led to a protest last night outside the facility about one hundred fifty demonstrators were there several climbed fences but did not go over the razor wire after about two hours police orders the crowd leave when they refused officers used pepper spray to disperse them relief may be on the way for those were cows inmates salt amana president luis read says the city's working on a plan to provide air conditioning units for the facility the cities the go shitting a one month contract with temp air to provide the units they would cost up to four forty thousand dollars the money would come from the city's emergency fund kmox news time is seven six even though is supposed to give members of the st louis police officers association six thousand dollar raises a top member of the union says they won't back to propose sales tax increase on the november ballot union business manager geoff roared us says said he tells kmox his hancock and kelly that the members i wanna be guaranteed that they'll get what their pride those they'd be some guys who would be weakkneed about this but universally it from everyone we're hearing from it's like we're we're not doing a handshake deal were not going to take a maybe win this thing produces 23 million eu proposal would use the tax revenue for police and fire department raises pension contributions and the circuit attorney's office and 11yearold nor st louis girl is staying with family after a custody dispute got police involve police were called after department of family services tried.

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