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Read Sean stepping up to do that for us said thriller decided Let me start that again. thrilled you decided to jump onto season of loki. I thought i'd jump in with a knee. Comedy connection to some upcoming. Mcu happenings so this judge slash superior officer the owen wilson keeps talking to his rivonia. Rinse slayer we'll come. As a surprise to no one that this character also has a comics. Counterpart revolt in comics is not so closely a tv associate but is deeply entrenched in the marvel time shenanigans nonetheless to understand the significance of this namedrop. We have to take a detour. The mc's biggest time traveler has to be nathaniel richards. Nathaniel richards is a twenty sorry thirty first century native and blood descendant of reed richards or victor von doom. The specifics having been lost to time in various ret cons. A reed richards of course is the leader of fantastic for Scientists extraordinary stretchy. Dude victor von doom. Everybody knows who who doctor. Doom is right. He's he's dude. In the full metal. Full metal alchemist. Get up so nathaniel. Richards has thirty first century. Son of one of these two gentlemen travel back to ancient egypt to rule as king rama tut only to eventually be deposed by his potential ancestor. Rich rich reed richards. In a fantastic for following defeat nathaniel would cross paths with this other possible father doctor doom enthralled by doom style. And the thing that would go on to adopt the guys scarlet centurian. He spent some time rolling around under that new name went. On the fight the avengers losing discarding. The scarlet centurion Like an internet troll discards an old alt- you'd later himself stranded far in the future past even his own thirty for century origin. In this far future nathaniel co ops or technology and uses strategic genius. Become kang the conqueror. He conquers earth and begins the toe Torment which is our current time era. The test the skills against those like the avengers during his conquering the far future king meets the daughter of one of the last kings of earth. Whose name is ravenna. all right. We caught up the road here. Rivonia in king would go on to have a very rocky relationship sometimes together sometimes as bitter enemies i've relationships like a king himself would eventually grow weary of his conquests and take up the role of immortals master of time and his final incarnation and mortis would generally speaking work with our friends timekeepers And here's like some potential spoilers if he's right about the series so if you don't if you wanna go on this completely blind now's a good time this last emails go ahead and switch off your podcast here a cool or recall ready for here. Some some marginal mcu spoilers potentially Has also worked. Wait a second to So so you also worked at the time keepers reverse. The damage has earlier self did two time stream. And mortis also worked to keep the avengers in check. After was revealed that left unopposed. The of injuries would often expand into a universe conquering force of their own. All of the freemen jihad from dune. That's interesting the avengers with left without a sufficient challenge and opposition will just fuck in mount up and take over. The universe.

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