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Who's a disco group under they had brought him phil collins to play to cut okan's great drummer no it out of yeah but i don't eat tony thompson site well more powerful and go calls at one point was looking at and good i can't play like this wait until collins so what is your submissive delicate us that tired about a concert for thirty years earlier the luna so vote ju go to like the comedy store the improv factory to go okay let me watcher griffin and santino get abide for the shah not previous to it i think i'd had been in a million comedy clubs and certainly the improper now too at be able to audition item didn't go to the comedy store until we win as a group after a while they're shooting the pilot then we all went and we went to al al hosted as magical and we really got the inside tour and now because god bless them because it was on the show they just treat me like a fucking prince there they're so sweet to me the staff is so nice are all aware i'm on the show and they walked around the gimme free drinks and i have never been there as a civilian so i feel like a king when i'm there i love it so much and had been back probably twenty times since well i've never seen you there and i regret yeah the with him bonded well i mostly go to see justin martindale who i love yeah or santino i've never seen eric do it and uh i haven't seen al do it yet although sigh allah where he judged a dance competition i saw which is a like a dance version of a row battle correct it's just team marino show i love her she's the best just martindale is like the uh.

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