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And citizens Bank park as we get set in now less than three hours for the first of one sixty two but it feels like a biggie. The Donovan new era Phillies baseball amongst other things today talking about the most important, Phil we we all have high hopes we all have high hopes, but for these hopes and dreams to be realized that he thinks the most important Philly of the mall for me. I'd sit Ariana right out of the gate. You can make a case a couple of different ways. But Arietta boy, oh, boy big responsibility. Now, I know he's not gonna pitch until the third game. But he's kind of the, you know, the second pitcher he's certainly that the highest paid pitcher by far and a player that to me is a huge swing factor for this team this year. John your mindset earlier in the show. We've heard a lot of names said, but your thought was Reese Hoskins baton fourth. And no one's going to be able to avoid him with this lineup. He's been sort of you know, discarded because of all the talk of serger and heartburn real Mutoko and mccutchen. But I think that he takes that that next big step, and you see a guy who's playing defensively paint plan. The position he's supposed to be playing first base. And you know, another year more advanced we know that his approach at the plate is just unparalleled. He's so smart. He so savvy. He's got a great I and he's got power to spare. He's going to have a huge year. I expect him to lead the NFL maybe major league baseball and RBI. All right. Eight eight eight seven to nine ninety four nine if we'll go inside some of the numbers for the phils. Projections over unders betting lines to start the season. We'll get to that. And from your standpoint who is you think and it could be the manager the most important Phil for this year. Also, just bring the energy.

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