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Have filed with P. Jeannie and does wrongful death claim have had to be guided by a lawyer and a medical expert let's look at the medical evidence linking he's best to the campfire in some way and that you're seeking some compensation but primarily recognition of their their suffering okay and and maybe they did look like fire deaths initially but but you write about you know you're leaving home with a ninety four year old you can't grab all their medication they end up in a shelter that can't take care of their special medical needs yeah and the population here in the town the communities that were burned by the campfire and we're already pretty vulnerable populations we had a lot of elderly people here a lot of people with our with an already frail health and so as a big distraction like a fire in an evacuation can kind of people over the edge helped by okay so so why is it important to get a more accurate number of who and and a look at the picture of who who has died from this fire I'm it's important to prepare for other disasters at this point and these this expanded back tool since it's not really official isn't really being accounted for in cleaning and health system capacity cleaning or an emergency preparedness and and it's just it's hard there's no real consensus as to what makes up a disaster that which is called about the issues after almost every disaster we've had but especially now when you were having more sort of climate change linked disasters it's becoming more more of an issue that the resilience aspect of his if you don't know exactly what happened you can't really prepare for preventing it next time around yeah exactly tell us about this congressionally mandated national academies of science study to find the best way to counteract yeah that was that's really interesting it you know this issue of what constitutes a disaster that came to the forefront after hurricane Maria and Puerto Rico where the government eventually revised to all and to several thousand people and because of the sort of more indirect test and it created a sort of a political controversy so Congress mandated a study to create a system for accounting disaster that with the particular eye toward full noble populations like the elderly who have been historically undervalued and under undercounted in disaster areas so that study is scheduled to come out later this year and hopefully will pretty some guidelines for local officials regional officials national officials to count is that your best friend and account for them and prepares preparation thank you for talking to us and then the thanks for your reporting that's come even canal reporter with the Chico enterprise reporter.

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