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Key fight in his expected to hold his first public event Monday in Pittsburgh. And then we'll launch tore of the early primary states and will hold a rally on may eighteenth in Philadelphia. Biden says he will campaign as an Obama Biden democrat who is as pragmatic as he is progressive again, former vice president Joe Biden announcing he's running for the White House. CBS news special report, I'm going on KCBS news time three twenty one. One of the first things that Joe Biden will be doing will be holding a fundraiser tonight in Philadelphia and tomorrow, he will be appearing on the view on ABC television with host Meghan McCain. The daughter of his dear friend the late. John mccain. The McCain family Republican family has hinted that they may endorse Joe Biden for the presidency. He'll also be touring California, Nevada, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania, those early states. So he will be coming to our state as the campaign starts for the democratic presidential nomination. We'll have a further update on Joe Biden's announcement which was made by video this morning. Just moments ago that's coming up at three thirty just about eight minutes from now the NRA is soon. Doing Los Angeles over a new ordinance requiring any company applying for a city contract to disclose ties to the NRA the suit alleges that the law forces people to choose between their livelihood and their beliefs in violation of the first amendment right to free speech and the fourteenth amendment right to equal protection. L? A officials say they will defend the law in court and officials are now saying that that Melwert attack last month against the contra Costa county, elections office never really posed a threat, but KCBS Keith men Coney spoke with cybersecurity expert who said harm or no important lessons to be learned one Email attachment one click, that's all it took for Ramal. Where program to be unleashed on a work computer at the contra Costa county elections office. Once activated the program trying to contact Russian IP address, sparking fears of foreign tampering, but the response was quick and state and federal invest. Gators determined the program didn't compromise any election data, Scott cuddle PASOK with the contra Costa county. Registrar voters says the swift investigation should be for comfort voters can be confident that we are actively doing everything we can ensure the integrity of the election process, but Steve Grogan chief technology officer for cybersecurity company MAC, if he says the incident should be a reminder of all Volna Rable vocal election systems are and he says more needs to be done to secure local elections, Keith men Coney KCBS. Members of California's national guard testified to stay lawmakers this week about misconduct within the organization. Witnesses alleged that people who reported misconduct often face retaliation, one former major one former major told the state Senate committee that whistle blowers lives have. Been ruined. And retired. Officers said the ninety percent of reprisal complaints were closed without an investigation. Lawmakers are considering a proposal that would strengthen protections for whistle blowers. In the California national guard, the academy of Motion Picture Arts and sciences will not crack down on Netflix and other streaming platforms. When it comes to being eligible for an Oscar. Here's KCBS can foster despite pressure from most of the major motion picture studios, and even Steven Spielberg, the academy's board made up of fifty four members decided to keep things status quo for now the question came up because of the net flicks movie Roma which to come three Oscars, including best foreign language film net. Flicks. Only ran the movie for one week in theaters. But as Tim Gray with variety says that's the rule the academy is going to keep for now. Play in theater in L A county for a continuous week. And it has have three showings a day for for paid audiences Grace's Hollywood quietly protested alongside Spielberg I talked a lot of people in Hollywood who feel the way he does. But Steven Spielberg's the only one who has enough money to say to net. Flix? No, you know, you can't get away with this. But I think a lot of people in Hollywood kind of quietly agree with him graces with the changing landscape of movies to streaming. The academy may be looking at the same issue again. Next year, Kim.

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