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They drove to the fire department, which is right down the street and banged on the door to try to get help. Nobody answered the door so they left there and went to saint Catherine's hospital and that's why I met the man. And doctors there tried to save the boy but couldn't as police search for the shooter they're asking witnesses or anyone with surveillance video to come forward. No bond for the three suspects charged with shooting an off duty Chicago police officer this past weekend. Brian Hayes, Justin Chris mantis and Demetrius Harold all face aggravated battery among other charges. Please say they were involved in a fight early Saturday at a bar in the Beverly neighborhood 32 year old officer Dan goldin tried to break it up. He was shot in the back and remains paralyzed from the waist down. The three suspects are due back in court later this month. Nearly two months after the valdi school shooting in which 19 students and two teachers were killed, surveillance video is released from inside the school. It is tough to hear. News nations, Kayleigh beason reports. The gunman turns down a hallway, a child comes within feet of him, appears to walk in his direction. However, the gunman fires into a classroom and the child runs away. Just minutes later, police are inside the school. At that classroom door, ready to confront the gunman. But he opens fire on them first, forcing them to retreat back down the hall where they would remain in a defensive position for nearly 80 minutes. Many questions still remain about the police response and chain of command at the scene. Meanwhile, one of the most chilling elements they had to edit out of that video was children screaming. The BA 5 sub variant of COVID-19 continues to spread through Europe and the United States, sometimes causing people to become reinfected just months after their first infection. Doctor Jeffrey cope in chief medical officer at northwestern medicine, Lake Forest hospital was asked on the John Williams show whether the extra booster shot can serve as a preventative measure. With the booster keep a person from getting infected, the answer is maybe. But this thing is very infectious and it seems to have what we call immune escape, which means that can affect people who have immunity against prior variants and strains of COVID. COVID says the booster shots have helped prevent severe infection from taking place, particularly those requiring hospitalization. Twitter is officially suing Elon Musk and wants a Delaware judge to force Musk to buy the company at the agreed upon price of $44 billion. Twitter says most excuse for backing out of the deal are in bad faith. The lawsuit claims months quote feels he can change his mind, trash the company, disrupt this operation. It's the story shock holder value, a stockholder value, and then just walk away. Musk responded with the tweet saying, Ole irony, LOL. WGN sports, Josh Friedman. The White Sox put a day night double header in Cleveland winning game two 7 zero after dropping the opener four to one. The cubs lose their opener of a 6 game homestand heading into the all star break four to two the final against the red hot Orioles. Duncan Keith officially announces his retirement from the NHL. Candace Parker put up a season I 31 points to lead the sky past the dream and the bulls beat the raptors 93 83 in summer league play

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