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It's been that they've been in the midst of it really does get derailed at that point, at least temporarily. Let's take them all with the talk about what. Yeah. Okay. I'll do. Sort of related. So I'm kind of having because the flip Gordon challenging for the NWEA title, Nicole. This is NBA title this this Friday. Is there a chance that that flipped Gordon is on a trajectory to be someone who they could. You know what I say, what the top three in this kind of what is hitting on? Is there a top three mention MSG that could be nickel this defending the NWEA title with the history of the NWEA title? What Bill Corgan table Ghana have done and Nicole this for that matter to try to restore it as a relevant title among the type of fans who travelled a wrestlemainia weekend and might choose to go to a historic MSG show could Nicole this sin flip Gordon b, b a match. That could be a top three match at MSG show. And could that also in a kind of I was gonna say, flip because it's on my mind on the flip side, could it also be something really elevates the NWEA title to be back in MSG as co headline match? I mean, they are. It's a co headline at all in with Cody that gives it a little bit of a boost. Is that kind of a hidden match. That if the worst happens for our wage in new Japan and news, Kenny Cody and the box. Is the NBA title and perhaps specifically flip Gordon versus nickel this worth potentially worthy of top three spot at MSG show. I think he'd be forcing it right now, but we haven't seen their first match. That'll take place Friday in Nashville. So I guess not only do we have to wait and see how that goes, but just what the follow-up is and all of that. Can they get it there? I, I think with the talent you have coming in from new Japan. And certainly if they have Cody the box and omega on this show, it's gonna feel forced, doesn't mean they won't place it there just to to make it feel prestigious and all of that. But I, it's going to feel a bit forced to me to have that that high on the card. But I want to see what they can do together. Yeah, I, I'm all this has really shined as a talker. In these NWF videos, the ten pounds of gold and the entire series. He's re he's, he's very good in the, you know, the sit down interviews, your traditional promos and those sort of things. I think we're all still kind of waiting for that breakout match and he hasn't really been mashed up with people that you would expect him to get it from. That's the thing. So hope and Gordon. I mean he, he does a lot of really cool high spots and things. Is he the right guy to give all this kind of? I don't want to say breakout mash because he's already had breakout matches going back to Tina with similar Joe and others. And especially when he and Joe were tag him, but there's not much buzz about all this, the work, rake guy, and I'm sure he'd tell you that, you know, that's not what he's looking for. It's not what he's about, but when it comes to the NWF general, I think is as good as video production is in terms of telling stories I hoping they can get to the point where. It's a little bit more of a combo package where you're getting, not just a good stories, but some really good matches to go along with it. And hopefully it'll be those guys, but we'll see. I got admit, I was a little disappointed in the video that they put out on Wednesday, the ten pounds of gold. It's early, but I look Arledge has not done a great job with flip Gordon. He gets to shine in small doses on being the elite on the TV show. You know, they talk about flip counters and he stands out into ring. He's he's a dynamic gymnast..

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