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L. like freetalklive that'll save. You the fifteen percent. There as we. Continue we've been talking about democratic socialism in. America I wanna get into. This it's actually just one sentence about their philosophy from their groups, constitution and we'll get into. That but first we've got JT k. on the line in Nevada on, Skype go. Ahead JT k. Hi guys I'm calling about the recent conviction in the, Bundy trials sentencing actually Is this? From the. Malheur federal wildlife refuge occupation or we talking about way back from Bundy standoff since ranch or we're talking about the bunkerville standoff now. I know there was a first year. Of defendants where two. Defendants were convicted of felonies the rest were acquitted and went free in the second round we saw the bundys on trial and the entire process. Blew up because it was shown. That the prosecution had hidden, exculpatory evidence from the defendants that should be a prison offense, if any prosecutor in America the land, of the free, and, the, home of the brave, if, any of them. Ever hides sculpture Tori as evidence Wham bam ten, years in prison mandatory I don't care Yeah You, no it's never going to happen because that's not the way the government. Works people stop. Thinking the Justice system is just please go. Ahead so when this came, out of, course the entire trial blew up and they had to let everybody. Go and there was also a third tier prisoners awaiting, trial and they were all they were all. Dropped all charges dropped with prejudice because it was shown that the state had withheld exculpatory, evidence but we still have two people who had already been convicted in the first round of the. Trial one of them tied angle was sentenced on Thursday to fourteen. Years there's this is outrageous for two different. Reasons, one of. Course They weren't they weren't able to take. Care they weren't able to take advantage of the scullery evidence in. Their trials and you didn't get a fair. Trial, that's not Get, the notion. Of a fair trial if he. Takes this on appeal in any way shape or form he should be, able to to come back from it. Then again Thing about. Russell Br Second. Half of the tragedy here's the second half of the travesty after when he was when he? Was, sentenced the state no I'm sorry, when he was convicted he was the jury was hung on a number on a number. Of. More serious offenses okay on, the most serious offenses the jury. Was hung on him so he made a deal, for the. Prosecution said we will we will drop all of the more extensive charges if you agree not, to appeal the two. You've, already been convicted wow Burston the other guy was convicted. Got like seventy years so under, that kind of pressure Totta angle. Agreed, to that deal now what hit so that's outrageous. In and of, itself but on Thursday they actually used when they were when the judge was explaining. Her deliberations in house she came to. The fourteen year sentence she used, the Drop charges against him as if. They were true Is she she used the drop charges against him for He had been, charged with conspiracy to commend, offense, against the United? States and he and he said well? How can, you, can you put that in. The deliberations she said well. Some people thought you did some people thought you didn't I think you did Jeez evidence be damned additionally they? Threw in, through, in a burglary conviction had. From age seventeen thirty three. Years ago as if What happened in bunkerville So. That's how it's. Done just a travesty the man deserves to walk free just like. All the other defendants but because he was convicted before Jerry's were told. Of the government's misconduct He's going to go to prison for. Fourteen years can you outline that misconduct and you know one short minute Oh the misconduct well for instance the they the yes before. The first trial the prosecutor whose name is Myra fired, the lead investigator because lead investigator whose name is Larry Wooten was saying what was telling people, in the prosecution, the, FBI we have not turned over all the exculpatory evidence to. The defense and they said they fired, him you're you're off the case and..

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