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Hole here four hours to try to overturn the result of an election we don't elected people giving gentleman whose end is order this would suit in or will be considered in an orderly fashion the gentleman will not yell out and when I said to him to decide to see ladies and gentlemen for ever more will be a transcript of this hearing and while individuals like Nadler in the sheeple that support him on that committee think they're winning the day they're going to lose the history as well chef they are burning down the house of representatives they're burning down the corn they are burning down the rules and Chuck Todd Anne his ilk have no problem with that whatsoever they don't explain this to the American people none of it none of it it's a disgrace what's taking place here but they don't much care do they where it down maybe these are the radicals hello we go mark your Barry Burk the Democrat judiciary counsel this guy was a real sleaze ball eve caster the Republican counsel in your heart Nadler and gone mark added a little bit cut to go did you look at how many times president trump mention vice president Biden in a speech rally leading up to the July twenty fifth call president trump goes to a lot of rallies there's a lot of tweeting I think it's pretty difficult to for all too many conclusions from his tweets swore his statements are rallies Mister chair all sorry German Parmley part very gentleman is not recognized for parliamentary Mister chairman what is gentleman is not recognized the gentleman that Mister Burke has the time we ordered a nor the rules now witnesses to ask the questions then gentleman on how many of the rules are you just going to disregard gentleman there so it will suspend parliamentary inquires are not in order at this time well out of order order for this is not appropriate to have a way of avoiding a question or a point was a witness gentleman will cessation just wrong gentleman will remain in the quarter gentleman well I made a point of order in you won't rule on it I have not heard a point of order the genesis there's points chairman finally there's a point of order you state your point of order yes Mister chairman original rule nor precedent for anybody being a witness and then get it is not a question and so I have ruled we with them form of order is he's an appropriate to be up here asking questions is not a point of order he's here in accordance with rule six six with money do you have to give to get to do gentleman will not versions no no no no we don't cast dispersions in the house Judiciary Committee the chairman never cast aspersions on the house Judiciary Committee and the media love it during here these clowns like John Avalon for a polished guy who looks very much like a French maitre de but he's a sleaze ball like the rest of the I can hear the frustration now here's Daniel Coleman the Democrat council for the house intelligence committee test flying at the house Judiciary Committee and of course a former MSL as the contributing can see all the incestuous relationships pretty grotesque cut three go as I remember going over the U. crank investing our team our leaders convincing.

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