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Gotta check in with a great friend. Dwayne do that goes entertainment spotlight. Dudack abides. Let's start talking about some of those new releases coming out of Hollywood this weekend. Dwayne. Let's start talking film. Maybe with the predator. What's that all about? Well, I think that title started describes it. It's it's been eleven engine Eric film. But it's, you know, it's a sequel remake guess you'd say about the alien invaders. However, it's been marred by revelations by the actress living among the supporting actor in one of the scenes was a sex offender. Yes, and has seen a banana out. He was a friend that director Shane black, but she sort of being shunned by some of the other cast members for bringing this up. Matthew mcconnahey has a new film, white boy, Rick. It's true. Life story about teenage boy, those undercover drug informant McConnell. Hey, Claes's, greasy haired gun running father. It's pretty depressing, but it's also very gripping. Yeah. And a simple favor. What's that about, sir? I kind of a girl ref with Blake lively, and Anna Kendrick as friends one of whom disappears. It's being called a witty thriller. Okay. Oriental playing Mandy interesting nNcholas. So it's a revenge flick with nNcholas cage, of course, the poster faces covered in blood just such a madman in general. So he's critically cats. It's it's about a couple whose peaceful rural life is destroyed by a cult. And then the cage causing the husband McKay JR. To seek revenge. Then I'm thinking Kirk Douglas. Classic nineteen fifty seven. I recommend a Mandy of courses at the orient. As is this next. It's a Kubrick film. One of his earliest, it's medically immorally powerful anti-war film beautifully mounted elegant simplicity set during World War. One was Douglas as a military officer defending men falsely accused of cowardice is based on a true story. And I I believe it was even banned in France for. So it's a Tuesday at the oriental paths of glory worth checking out and lots of premiers coming up this coming week on TV on TV busy week Sunday. Of course, are the return of the circus political documentary show on Showtime hosted by Don Heilmann and Mark McKinnon joined by Republican strategist Steve Schmidt this year. Tuesday, the premiere of this is an interesting entry sorry for your loss. On Facebook watch. It's a ten episode serious. Facebook watch is a streaming service. There's a tab on your Facebook page. People are expected to weigh in on the show using Facebook. Of course, it's with Elizabeth Olsen as a woman dealing with the death of her husband and Wednesday that new NBC series, much, promote I feel bad about a wife and mother trying to have it all created by Amy Poehler, really interesting stuff on Friday on necklace. You've got a new series the good cop with Tony danza. Yes. I ask in his father and son cops by the creator of monk you've got maniac with Jonah hill an Amazon as a comedy about two people who needed a pharmaceutical trial and a documentary by Rashida Jones about her father Quincy Jones, I'll coming up on net. Flicks. Operatic. I'm Tuesday Monday night, rather you've got the EMMY awards absolutely Quincy Jones for the grid musician. Okay. A couple of interesting though, is one of them being how do you replace superman after he's been in three films? Yeah. Of course, I always replacing the the the characters over time. So I think that this is going to be the end of the superman franchise as we know it Henry kepi L who has played them in the last latest iteration, including superman vs Batman and Justice league. According leaving the franchise as it recalibrate one. Rumor would not or could not make a cameo in the upcoming DC militias AM on that may have led to his departure in any case the studio shifting its focus to a super girl movie. But one name being bandied about to replace Cabanillas. Superman is Michael b Jordan surprising casting. Something. Okay. Wanna talk EMMY specific categories. I sure you wanna break it down. Yeah. How about starting off with lead actor in comedy? What are your thoughts? Well, you know. I never thought of Atlanta as a comedy. But I think Donald Glover is fantastic creative talent. And although he wasn't featured as much in the new season of Atlanta is his creation. I picked Donald Glover to win over Anthony Anderson. Ted Danson, Larry, David, Bill Hader, and William H Macy lead. Actress in comedy actress and comedy another top category. I love all these shows better things. Pam adeline? Mom, Allison Janney, disarray, insecure, Tracy Ellis Ross, blackish, lily, Tomlin, grace, and Frankie. But I I really think maybe Rachel Brosnahan Mola. Marvelous MRs Meisel well, pick up the award. Let's talk drama lead actor in drama. You know, I feel like I'm just going to pick sterling K Brown and beat done talking about it. Because you know, I never watch. This is I respect his work so much, but you know, what I really do rise. It's the last season of the Americans. He was fantastic. You had a really strong season this year. I'm thinking that. Maybe it'll be Matthew maximized lead actress in drama. Yeah, I'm gonna it's Keri. Russell should also went for the Americans. But you know, I think our courses, Sandra. Oh for killing e. I am which plays a spy. It's sort of a cat and mouse game with with Bill and she's trying to catch up. Yeah. I think she'll beat out clarify Catania Moslon Elisabeth moss. Brought the Handmaid's tale probably is the presumptive favorite and Evan Rachel wood Westworld. But I, you know, it's either going to be Sandra our Kerry wrestling, I'm gonna co Keri Russell pretty good competition when it comes to best comedy. Yeah. Atlanta. Barry blackish, curb your enthusiasm glow Silicon Valley. But I'm gonna kick. Marvelous MRs miso, which is an Amazon show about a stand up comic in the fifties. Housewives who becomes a stand up comic? Maybe six days. What about best drama your thoughts on that best drama? Games around. I did not know it was even on to qualify for this period. So I sort of forgotten. What it what it what it went through could be nominated Handmaid's tale. I didn't think it had a very strong second season stranger things again. I also think it's sort of a guy, you know, it's it's had its time. This is still running strong and Westworld on HBO again had a troubled second season. But I'm I'm sticking with the Americans. I which I felt well which was in its final season about Soviet couple who pose as Americans in the US has real resonance. I think in this time and it had a fantastic final season. He is doing good act of the do that goodbyes on Facebook Twitter dot com. And of course, longtime instructor film at U W, Milwaukee, always a pleasure, sir. And of course, the folks along the eastern seaboard still feeling the effects of hurricane Florence latest on the tropical storm from Florence is weakened into a tropical, depression, but flash flooding and major river. Flooding are expected to continue over significant portions of the Carolinas will continue to update you on that developing story. WTMJ news time is seven twenty-seven mutate of renting software and paying license fees year after year when someone else owned your software who owns you data. I o technologies can help you own one hundred percent of your mission critical software and maintain complete control over your data. Call IOT analogies. They'll turn your software into an.

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