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I'm Gordon Griffin Senator John McCain's final journey ended Sunday on a grassy hill at the US naval academy, within view of the Severn river in earshot of midshipmen present and future and alongside a. Lifelong friend or a strong case on carrying the senators casket led a. Procession of mourners from the academy's chapel, to, its cemetery following a private service that senator's widow Cindy and his children were among those who walk behind, the case on correspondent Tim McGuire reports this holiday weekend Chicago. Police will be out in force just like Memorial Day and fourth of July more than a thousand. Extra police officers will be on the streets of Chicago this Labor. Day weekend internet effort to reduce the number of, shootings fourteen hundred officers are taking part in this weekend's build up the Chicago, sun times, reports last year, over the same holiday weekend police superintendent Eddie Johnson deported additional thirteen hundred officers that weekend, ended with seven people killed in shootings at another thirty. Five wounded in the run up to the holiday weekend the department along with state and federal agency station. A series of The raids in which more than one hundred people were. Arrested and several guns were seized I'm, Tim, Maguire Somalian police say at least three people were killed including child after a suicide bomber detonated explosives Laden, vehicle outside of the district headquarters in the capital Muhammed sane. Said the bomber tried to speed through a checkpoint but was stopped by security forces prompting him to. Detonate the vehicle near the gate of how dog district headquarters he. Said another four people were wounded mostly young students, at a nearby slamming school officials warned there could be more casualties as a, blast pulled, down nearby buildings, including a mosque there was no immediate claim.

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