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Got it. Got it nailed it. I can tell time. So combine eight year old anywhere. We're talking about Facebook. And then we're going to others here with an update. I think I think I heard this reply all podcasts if you want to look it up where they talked about. They went back and interviewed some of the six people that initially were on this committee when the contents are rolling into Facebook. They're like, okay, how how do we ban stuff, and they literally sat around a conference table down in Silicon Valley and win a post game in the six of them would go ban this or don't ban it. And then they would give them a thumbs up from down. And then that went on until they couldn't handle the volume anymore. And then they're like, okay, we got to make a rule book. So they started with the Lasorda United States Bill of rights sort of jurisprudence model, and they're like, okay. Well, violence, the violence was very interesting. It's like their policy was for Facebook was if you see what's on the inside if you've shows on the outside, it's banned. And so this is one of the big ones they talked about and that was the policy, so no blood. No guts, no gore. If a bone stuck out or whatever any sort of image like that, then someone would hit band, and it would be removed. Then the image came out from the Boston. On bombing. And if you remember the famous photograph of the man being carried whose leg been blown off, and he was very ashington pale, and someone was carrying him to safety that image then began to get posted hundreds and hundreds of times in so they'd Facebook with banning it the policy was it was on the inside. And it's out it's banned then they would show time out. The Boston Globe has picked us up. The New York Times is picked us up legitimate. News outlets all around the world to pick this up. We have to we have to show it. And so they have been evolving these rules on a case by case basis, and then the became huge all over the world. So now, you have a standard or Amora that's acceptable United States that isn't in in Egypt or isn't in our country in Africa. And so it's like, okay. Well, what about nudity well in some countries? Women can don't wear shirt, and that's culturally acceptable. But then in the United States we hit ban on that. So what do you do? How do you make a rule book some countries and free? Mont we should say some countries and Fremont. How do you make a rule book that applies to every country in every culture all around the world for almost two billion people? It's very very hard to do the United States. Government doesn't have to do that. That's Sheryl Sandberg. Does. I just love politicians were not concerned about this until their jobs are on the line. Then they're like show Sabir. Jack Dorsey, come to Capitol Hill and talk us. Yeah. Heather Bosch is now here to talk to us. What is going on with teacher? Sorry. What's up there? Okay. Well, today, nearly six thousand teachers are striking western Washington school districts and those include Tukwila, evergreen wash you go battleground, Longview, Centralia, Tom water, STAN would Camino and in Puyallup where teachers packed a school board meeting last night. I never thought I'd have to fight for our kids against their own school board and superintendent both sides continued to negotiate with a mediator now. Teachers into coma have voted to strike tomorrow, which was supposed to be the first day of classes if their union and the district don't reach an agreement but Tacoma public school. Spokesman Dan appel says the district can't even afford the. Latest deal. They offer teachers which was a seven point five percent salary hike. If the teachers accepted, the current offer from the school district that's on the table. And there was no strike. We would be thirty two million dollars in the hole at the beginning of next school year. And we would have more than four hundred job losses and program cut teachers want something closer to nineteen percent in Tacoma and teachers in the rain near Vancouver districts have been on strike, but they've reached a tentative agreement. Sounds like if you still have a water tower in your town. And it says Tukwila on it any town that has a water tower. Sounds like is on strike right now. So tether, thanks for that. Time for texts. Thank you young Jacob. The online trade academy text line ninety nine seven three Chris this year filling in for candy today. So thanks Safeco field selling the stadium to the Mariners instead of asking taxpayers to pay for the improvements to six let the Mariners by it. If it's a worthwhile investment sells shares or stocks on it entertainment is rich with success sports is entertaining. Right. Pay a dividend to investors Fancher paper, their theater with workout sexy. Really interesting because of their theater that's interesting that the the Green Bay Packers. Don't they have a share system of ownership? I think it's within the team. I think Lambeau is owned by the team. And so I would probably buy citizens on the team, and they and they also provided. Yeah. And you're you're you're you're basically, you're someone could Texas nine eight nine seven three somehow. You're you're you're a board member voting, right or something. I would buy a little share. If I got a certificate of Safeco field novelty that would be. Great. Do you buy into the fact that they're saying, wow? This rough is no longer viable other roofs open forty fifty times a year. They open it over. I think one hundred eighty time every time I'm there on the roof. Moves I pay very close attention to it. And it does not seem structurally sound doesn't know. I mean in the sense that they're the bearings are out on the load that it's carrying and the speed it goes at I've wondered about that every time there might row either. That's the most amazing piece of engineering I've ever seen or something's gonna wear down on. You're not watching the game. You're staring at the win is moving at absolutely stare at the Felker unless I hear the crack of the bat, and then I'm just like watching the roof which for the past couple of years. You haven't heard the cry. Now, get you watched the entire roof father knew that the as are just so read his killing you it's going to be because two months ago, if you would've like bet me a hundred dollars at the Mariners boy after I would've ended this year. I would've taken that fat. And now, it's there's no way. No, they're always five and a half back. They win again. They're five hundred. Back. They lose a game that I don't get it. As don't spend any money. They have the worst fans in baseball about two thousand fans of show up and they play in the worst facility. It's the old Oakland Raiders facility. That's why the raiders are leaving Chris what else? On colored and cabinet in. The Nike added Nate boyer's response to five three says the phrase sacrifice. Everything is not a sports phrase. Those words mean more than one person's job relied. Well, it means something to call a cabernet. And that is no Nate Boyer shared on the door and show. It means something different to him indifferent to the soldiers that he shared that. He showed a tours with. So what else ninety nine seven three time for one more along with that three six oh says it's a voluntary sacrifice for soldiers. Involuntary Terry sacrifice for black people getting shot in their.

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