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At this point, they were ready to become a huge success and the world was ready for them. They released their first album called hard didn't have the on May Twenty Fifth Nineteen eighty-one and boy was it sure was It was released independently, but still caught the attention of attic records. You've probably never heard of attic records and but they were the reason why so many Canadians were able to enjoy the music of weird Al Yankovic and creed. They were like a distribution label for American artists and Yeah creed. Attic with arms wide open. Sure. Maybe with her buttonholes right open. Attic re-released harden heavy. At this point, the band was actually called Lips. Chicken or the question did lips the person come I, lift the ban come. The person came I always does. Come on. Come on it. But they changed it to an Ville. When they were signed, they continued making albums touring and increasing their exposure and fan base over the next couple of years they became known as much for Rob's insane drum Solos as they did their debaucherous stage antics Lou as guitarist Dave Allison, and basis Ian Dickson head banged in unison lips wearing full bondage gear and hair flowing like the winds would play his guitar with a vibrator. Scandal. Oh, he's like. Rob Hallford but like stray and. Like nuanced about it. Got To wear all the leather and chains but I don't have sex with men and I it shows yeah and because of that new went to that I'm going to use a pink vibrator my guitar. How's that for gay? Yeah that's pretty. Good. Job. Lips also your name, his lips. Also you lips though. Also. Let's talk about them. Let's. Does. He have really big lips has a really big mouth. Okay. He has a very memorable mouth to has like weird. Front teeth. One tooth kind of overlaps. The other ends also pushed up a little bit again I feel seen it kind of looks like he has like a cleft palate, but he doesn't just one to his farther than the other and he just has a very big mouth. Does he know he can get invisible line I'm sure he doesn't want to because that's what he's known all. My fuck with these tips, his lips he's GonNa get his mouths fucked with me right you right fuck with his mouth. He's a singer. Also, I'm not entirely sure he even had dental for most of his career. So all right leave the man alone I'm sorry you know what? If his mouth that's great. Let them keep it. Keep your mouth just keep your mouth. Keep your mouth, but you know. Our arena Mattel, she totally got some work on her teeth and her tits known for her for her. She wanted that that's what she got them reduce Ooh. There you go. Were too big more power to you lady good John Towel. Lady Mattel. She had a weird stint in the eighties. Yeah she was once married to a D-. Duke. So you know a Dutchman. It's like wait a flying Dutchman barren no county no..

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