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But I mean much like you when I got to college and my instructor brought in a class one day all these scenes he had animated on Tiny Town just all the flippable paper, you know, he had him boom-boom-boom like a dozen of them spread out and we're all like are you kidding me and you're here and not even in a main city in our Province like This college was in the northern part of New Brunswick a city that's out of the way from out of the way and we're we're like you're here and not really holy crap and they just yeah, you know and yeah animated, you know that that sequence and the animated Rambo cartoon. We're pulling a thing. I did all that as well. But you know, it's so cool to meet people who without them knowing that we're part of your childhood. Yeah, when I worked at Disney, I had a I had to really amazing experiences cuz I got to meet I had this Disneyland DVD that I got along with an Oswald the Lucky Rabbit dvd-rom Remember That Oswald DVD cuz it'll come late. Yes, but the DVD for Disneyland had this really cool documentary on the behind-the-scenes people who worked with Walt Disney when dead The building Disneyland and when I finally got to work at Disneyland, I actually met two people who were on that DVD and I geeked out to them and one of them actually told us to talk about how he worked with walked directly and he got to see he worked with wild probably a couple of months before he died, you know, and I remember I recognize him like you're all the and he laughed and he said yeah with this cute little guy Oscar who was 80 something years old. He was the longest working guy in the company had been there at that point for 55 years. I think I might have met him actually at the park. Maybe it might be the same guy, but I met him he was Manning the SkyTrain and we're waiting in line. I gotcha chatting with him and he said he he had been working at the park like for like Fifty some years. I forget his name, but he he was like in his eighties do his up there. This guy was a chef. Okay, one of those okay and working there and he still worked at the park. I said credible. I know and I reckon. not like I'm like Yeah, you were on my team..

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