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They are first generation coming over from the polynesian islands. In so we were in Tippy a lot of our years. We toured. And we did we performed in the casinos. They didn't know we weren't black or white so they didn't know what we were. So you know there was a lot of different things that happen but just being in. Mississippi is definitely a different culture. Where do grope in houston was your experience as you were going to be elected for the governor of mississippi. What was your thoughts and experience of how you sorry movements dome go i want to know is how did you feel that. You're able to take that role on. As i said you know i was able to cross certain kinds of boundaries because of my involvement in politics i guess i had a good head on my shoulders and i had been you know. We had this thing called the ymca us legislature at the time. And they would invite young students from across the state to come in and we would take over a state government for three days and happened to be the case that i was elected. You governor from statewide right. And i remember the newspapers to jack. The clarion ledger. In jackson saying that mississippi us were generations ahead of the state because they had elected this black governor but what was so fascinating about the moment is that i didn't really have a developed political sense about the world. You know i understood. You know racism are understood. White supremacy viscerally intuitively. But i didn't have an analysis at that point. And i remember as a young man you know. Before i went off to college i was able to go to the democratic national convention in san francisco to eighty four convention with jesse spoke when when he ran and eighty four and mario cuomo gave his tale of two cities. Speech and i was sitting on the front row. This country boy from mississippi ges soaking it in remember being in an elevator and jesse jackson walking into the elevator and again. I'm just a country boy from the coast right so the guy comes. Just jackson walks. He's towering over me and he asked me where i was from joining just told me to keep struggling. Keep working and keep evolving in some ways right. That wasn't his language but he just kind of set the bar so high. So in that moment of being elected youth governor at the time and in going to the democratic national convention at the age of fifteen and i just got a sense that my world was so much more expensive than moss point. And it's something that. I've come to articulate. Now as you know in my fifties the world is always conspiring to make you. Small and in the question is whether or not you're going to be complicit and so in the early days of my life i was able to imagine myself in the most expensive of terms so i wasn't or constrain by my little hometown in fact that was the fuel that in some ways propelled before if that makes sense in vietnam and people don't realize how big jesse jackson is man. Jesse jackson big man has do man. I'd be like man. Jesse jackson biggest. Hell like walkable me now. Dan just like he played. You see people forget that he was a broken. I believe man. Jesse jackson's huge. Huge human being is funny though because like of skipping ahead but like jesse jackson. He got a sense of religion with politics. Two comes in. He's a preacher. He comes out of the king tradition. Yes oh you know stay. Member of the national baptist convention absolutely absolutely. There's reverend jesse. Jackson.

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