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While i'll bet i think i really would have resented having two kids when he would be gone like six months or go off into a movie or right and and how did you get through that well as a progressive enlightened male i said well i think it's fair that you should have two votes and i'll have one vote so because of the tautological tissue out for so i said i said well maybe when taylor is one years old i'll bring it up when she's two years old are bringing up and after that i won't bring it up but we know okay but we did go to therapy for that and i learned something really interesting about you at at that is i had yes. We're getting deep into him wanting more children. So much and me being fine with not the therapist as brian. Why do you think this is so important in you. Had this epiphany of 'cause. I only think of a family as my siblings because his parents were so fractured that us only having one was not a family. I really relied on my brother. Who's two years older than me. During the fracture of the family he was like it was running defense and blocking for me and figuring things out together and we're very very close for a long long time. I thought boy. I really needed my brother. Are little sister needed us to at times to take care of her to babysit when mom was drinking too much. Or whatever you know. So that's what i kept thinking. It's not for me. It's for taylor. I thought it's better for to simply. I don't disagree with you. I think that that's what do you think it's not too late. Baby sure big deal. That's that's amazing. Having a change your marriage a lot by having a baby by oh yeah well. Because i did have a one is forty because i did have major complications. It took me a year to even feel quasi-normal again just wrecked me. It just totally wrecked me. And that was part of a to i. Just don't wanna go through that again. It was just deprived. You of the joy of motherhood didn't for a while. I mean not from to nothing on from two years old on that first year it was really really hard was really hard but brian is home. Then he wasn't gonna wasn't going through. Oh yeah and it's like we'll just do this. We'll just get through this. That's who he is that in everything he's like that there was another point. His grandmother was in dementia in a home and she had to go to the bathroom and he said i'll help you. And she said owner and okay. She wasn't really sure who he was and she said. Oh no no. I'd be too 'cause oh grandma don't you know i'm a doctor. Now she went. Okay so good. And how was it about about robin. That made you think part of it was just the the the person that she is that she still has a joyous appreciation for simple things for just life a good positive outlook. She wasn't cynical or sarcastic yet. She was funny. She was beautiful. Still is and the character of a person is what you should hit your wagons to. What are the choices you make when times are tough. Is there an example. Well it's interesting because one of our first fights was when she had this boyfriend and we were now getting together and she hadn't officially told the boyfriend that didn't live in los angeles that this was not going to go any further. And i thought you know this. I'm sensing something sensing something here. I tell them. I lost my voice. I physically lost my voice. Tone is such a psychological while it was like i got laryngitis so to speak i guess so. Did you believe it well. I was having a difficult time and rightfully rightfully. So yes. thank you for. I was in the right on here completely but they were asking. What is it about me that you love so thanking big mistake. Just doing better. You're probably right. What would you pass on to a young couple. Who's about to be married that you've learned being able to laugh. It's really important to me. And then the other thing is just say. Sometimes i'm your best friend. I've got your back. Don't forget that And i think if you can both remember that what about you. Mr. you have to know that you fall in love before you attempt this now. it's sounds overly simplistic because well of course we'll but really being love and take the time to really desire that person to miss that person sometimes separation is not necessarily a bad thing and to find out how you truly feel at your core if.

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