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Here's NPR's, rob Schmitz, chanting block the Bill thousands of mostly young protesters, many wearing surgical masks and goggles to hide their identities and protect against pepper spray surrounded the city's legislative center. It is a fresh display of defiance against a contentious Bill that would make it possible for the government of China to extradite Hong Kong citizens. A Bill that spurred hundreds of thousands of residents to March to the city on Sunday because protesters managed to surround the legislative council building the hearing of the tradition Bill has been delayed. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is focusing on Iowa again, today he campaigns for the White House. They'll be speaking in Clinton later this morning. A day after criticizing President Trump at appearances in Iowa by described Trump as an existential. Threat to America in Davenport last night. The former vice president said the president's tariffs are hurting, Iowa's farmers. He thinks these tire are being paid by China, just like to Mexico's Bill. The president was also when I wha yesterday Trump says, Biden is the democratic candidate he'd most like the face next year. Florida's lion country. Safari says two drafts that died last month were struck by lightning. This is NPR news from Washington. The southern Baptist convention is making changes to deal with clergy sex-abuse as NPR's child Snyder reports delegates meeting in Alabama, have voted to make it easier to expel churches, that mishandle allegations of abuse, the leader of the southern Baptist convention. The Reverend j d Greer told the delegates in Birmingham that the SBC face what he called a defining moment. Beers ESP sees president after he was elected to lead the nation's largest, Protestant denomination last year. He created an advisory council to make recommendations. And now delegates voted to establish a special committee to evaluate allegations against individual churches. In addition to approving the expulsion, amendment, the constitutional changes, fellow reports of widespread abuse published in the Houston, chronicle and the San Antonio, Express News, the move by the SPCA comes as the US conference of Catholic bishops, are meeting in Baltimore facing the Catholic churches own abuse scandal trial. Snyder NPR news, Washington. Later today in Massachusetts. The former sailing coach at Stanford University is being sentenced in federal court in Boston in connection with the F B is college admissions bribery investigation. Prosecutors want John van damore to be sentenced to more than a year in prison. His lawyers are seeking probation in March van damore pleaded guilty to designating students as team recruits in exchange for money for Stanford sailing program. I'm Dave Mattingly, NPR news in Washington. An island off the coast of Panama has almost no people, but it does have a lot of monkeys Capuchin monkeys. The size of small caps until now. No one noticed these monkeys were doing this is really unique. It's the first time at this particular genus of monkeys.

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