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Sawn. Spread him on a biscuit. So you stayed up last night and took notes. Excited about next week. So I kind of did some. Homework that I didn't need to do but it was it was a joy innings. Yeah. You want to just tell the audience what the next week's movie is and we'll go from there. Go about our business. Wow, that would be breaking all. I mean I. Can I mean we just get right into this get like knee-deep in it right off the Bat Or we going to say next movie is Mac and me and good night. Thing look like all back. That Thang a Goethe's ball bag. Push a kid in a wheelchair like off with him and. He has a very disturbing. 'cause he's like is in a wheelchair I think isn't he's disabled the kid the. Yeah you're right. I've only seen wants like way back but that was enough it shocked me like Hey They're really gonNA roll that if really able kid off a cliff. Take some balls. It's do the more conventional opening, and then we'll see where that's new main twelve minutes from now. S Plus don't we do we have any like unfinished business from without warning. Like maybe there was something. Few things to talk about that are really n directly related to without warning. Okay. Good. One thing I want to say is I watched a little bit of it aperture. We did the episode. I don't know I think we kind of like Yada Yada Yada through some of the like. especially, like Martin Landau like. Dropping some exposition and stuff you know went back and listen to some of that crap and it's just nonsense and he is overacting to a point where it is so. I mean he really got into that characters, I. I. Wonder. Was He over acting or? Did he just gets so DP he believed. I don't know I. Don't know. That's a good question. East scary. I mean like he's Just, a strange looking man I bought he did a phenomenal job and I ask you have your opinion of the film when you back. And looked at these things I mean I know you didn't really care for it as much as you had hoped. There just wasn't enough. There you know. The little flying air biscuits. I call whisker visit. Not that last time man that would give us get literally was like a was edited and just say whisker biscuit slightly six times in different voices for me right now. US, all of your powers to edit all of this vacuum. Yeah not enough. Not Enough Alien. Yeah. I guess is what I really didn't. Get Bell Short, on the Alien Win The box showed more alien than the movie did yeah. Maybe. The alien had some action sequences instead of just standing there big dope. The only real thing he did was throw though with your biscuits. WanNa say that again. I don't know how they I. Think we saw him throw one and he actually through like a Frisbee yeah. Out and maybe that's just a game on his planet like A. What storm Cornhole. So yeah, right. Maybe that's call holding. Discussing words by the Yes it is that means something else back in the day. I, let's get into it but welcome to the yarn. Well. Be Your host today. Tim Gorman. And every day. Okay. Me Not just today. This is my last episode I. Forgot to Tell You. Yes. Link wishing my duties. I've had enough I've had enough of these crappy movies. Wow. You're just going to watch lifetime movies for it that wouldn't be bad at hallmark channel all the way every time I go to my malls she's watching lifetime movie today she was watching one with Leah Thompson She looked great. Let me guess she was a victim of a date rape. And she's coming to terms with She became instantly pregnant. She birthed out a full sized man all side who went down with that was a different movie. Not One of those. you are Jason Walker. Yes. That is true. That remains true from last episode those. So at least I got, I got that going. All right. And I've got a lot to talk about because I did I pulled double duty this week. I'd say duty again. and. It wasn't necessary but it was necessary. And will find a way to get through my load of crap. The Path that you've taken for this, it's like I had multiple personalities in working on this episode, I have a lot of kind of related things to kind of drop in. So that's this'll be just a opri gone. Off Maury that's what I was calling. I'll take Schwartz for six hundred. s words he shores shortage. We talked about Sean Connery last week didn't we is like ninety something I saw that he just had a birthday like ninety on or something like that. Yeah. I'm GONNA, leave this without warning open because I'm GonNa, need a little bit later. So you, you do your thing what's on your mind I was looking into without warning, just trying to find some weird connections and. I think I was just clicking around on Neville brand looks like in a row. He was unabashedly the star of this movie. Yeah He. Really. His I mean you look at him and your life? My God. is He's like a Greek God you know. chiseled features. Chisel slipped a few times. His two minutes of screen time just film or captivating. It's like he's just did some heroin. About to float off, he was a movie called scalawags. He played a brimstone mud hook. Both. Yeah. I guess. So said the girl Douglas was in that WHO Holy Shit? Kirk Douglas. Neville Brand George Eastman Leslie, and down Danny Devito Danny. devito plays a character cold flyspeck. House. And.

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