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Increase your natural nitric oxide production, and we're only beginning to understand the true impact of nitric oxide. In fact, right now and Dr Narrow talks about. It on the podcast nitric oxide is being used as an intervention. It's in a few clinical trials right now that we're waiting for the results on to treat cove in nineteen and it could be a game changer. So without further do a quick word from our sponsor thrive market who I love, and then jump into today's episode Dr Liu Ignarro Nobel Prize Winner Hey, everyone is true I wanna. Take a minute to talk about my personal diet and why I trust and use thrive market. So over the years of tried a lot of different diets and my journey of exploration, I've been a raw food est I was a Vegan for a few years and tried variations of a high fat diet and I've realized the key and we talk about this on the podcast is personalization what works For one person doesn't work for the next. So for example, after years of trying a high fat diet and I still do a variation of this. But I discovered that I don't have the genes that allow someone to digest high amounts of saturated fat. I don't digest saturated fat as well as maybe the next person. So all the coconut oil that I was having just wasn't working for me. This is back to the central message precision and personalization are essential to creating optimal health. So I started to look for an oil that could actually work for my uses everyday for medium to high temperature cooking and I made the switch from coconut oil to. Oil, which is mostly mono unsaturated fat and I feel better. Now I'm not saying coconut oil is bad for everyone it works for plenty of people. But in my case, it wasn't the best option. That's one of the reasons I love thrive market. It's an online store full of my favorite natural foods home and body care products, and they have everything you could want. For, any type of diet including the Diet that I follow today. So as I noticed, I.

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