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Yes, that. What's in that envelope? Is it something he's like? I would like you to do this first. Yeah. Yeah. Orders of the president. I'm not joking on knowing Bernie he probably was his mail that he needed to drop off after the inauguration. He's like, I'm going to go to the D. C. I got to go to the D. C. Kinko's I got and I gotta walk in there. I'm gonna walk there because I don't want to use my car. So can we Hurry this up? My okay? I really do think it was his mail I Oh, God. Then, like I said in the night, just him his body language, The folding of the arms with those big mittens and the whole the just the whole image and every like, like collection the meet Everyone there means we're like Colt s. So it's so great today. I mean cold bare put him like behind his desk. I saw him on the Titanic put up people put him people put him in the dining room of the Titanic. Next to Leo. People put him on. The people put him on the bench next to Forrest Gump. My spirit was just the picture that says in quotes. This could have been an email. Seriously. This whole thing could have been any this. That's right. We don't need no damn meeting. Um, so a man Amanda Gorman 22 years old. She made history yesterday by being the youngest inaugural poet. On. Do you know, Speaking of Bernie's mittens? There was something visual about this extraordinary young lady that you probably did not know. But Gayle King New. Here's a story that she told during the live broadcast yesterday. Listen to this. My eye did Bill Clinton's address? Amanda Gorman's Obviously She's referring to my Angelou, who did who was the poet for Bill Clinton's inaugural? He reached out to Amanda to say, because she had brought my her coat that she wore that day and said, I'd like to get a coat for you to carry on the tradition. She said. I've already picked up my coat. It's yellow. It's my favorite color number said. Well, what else could I do? And I said, I don't know. Oprah got her the earrings that she's wearing. And on her hand, she has a ring that's shaped like a caged bird as a tribute to my I know why the caged bird sings. So when I was looking at her, I was looking at the hearings in the ring. It's a very sweet now. Now they're bonded for life, The two of them, But it was a very sweet moment between the two. My Angelou is a big inspiration to Amanda. And if you the front of that story was a little cut off. Oprah bought wanted to give as a gift to Maya, the coat Maya war at Clinton's inauguration. So, like I said the beginning of Allie was a little confusing. So Oprah reached out to Ms Gorman and said, I would like to carry this tradition on May I buy you a coat? You heard Dale say that And it was It was a beautiful coat. Beautiful, beautiful yellow. I never picked a coat and then boom over gave her the the earrings and the ring for Cage. The why I know why the caged Bird sings obviously one of Maya's most famous works, so I thought that was beautiful. I thought that was sad to know she was extra. She was extraordinary. And as the day went on, I was watching her social media. Feeds explode. Every time every time I clicked on, Amanda had gained another 100,000 followers and I'm not joking. I was keeping an eye. Last night to not another, but 75,000. She was as the day went on. She was becoming more and more of a sensation. So buying her books too. Which is great. Yeah, so it was and That's awesome. Yeah, I was just choose beauty. My goodness. And we were laughing. Um, I had a meeting. Uh, at Rosedale yesterday. We were all laughing about what we were doing a 22 and we got the giggles because we're like here Here is this Amanda Gorman 22 years old pulled laureate speaking it. Speaking of Inauguration, Jennet and my friend Jen and I, We both go girl We were eating, bro. Sted gas station chicken and barely paying our electric bill and going on dates just so we could eat, hoping, hoping that the date would buy our food. And here is this 22 year old. She's up there in Washington D c. I said Yeah, well, there we go. But that's your twenties. Yeah, Yeah, She is extraordinary. You're right and share. A lot of 22 year olds now are still doing what we were doing. So, Yeah, so don't feel like a loser. Don't look at it for a few minutes. Yeah, but like you should make you should make some knock off Bernie mittens that would they would sell girl You should make some snuck off one's like they do with Oscar. Like they do with Oscar dresses where designers make knockoffs the day after you should make some Bernie mittens giant giant Bernie Mittens. It's so funny because I saw those my thought. Wow. Yeah, because there's a lot of see them a lot at.

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