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No i out of work actor we'll see you they're out of work actor ville andrew what's your suggestion for last man sin cameron diaz as let's look at the panel cheers everybody feel comfortable with the films of cameron diaz think so all right so i don't have to go to i don't have to go to my backup we're gonna just play straight up cameron diaz starting with sarah what do you got the holiday oh wow i was saved that one why don't know how to do this i know i'm trying to think of the easy ones but i can't think of any easy that one was very easy for me i don't know where to your came right into your head yeah yeah i mean all of us jude law files that movie is pouring of that movie sean cameron diaz has the sweetest thing okay i'm gonna go with charlie's angles i'm gonna go charlie's angles fullthrottle did it you did it you know what you're doing kelly shrek yeah season and shrek well the alcohol talked about earlier it's finally kick she's fucking whatever bro come on man sarah vanilla sky yeah we're hates she's all like your face is gross sean shrek the third oh i like the way you skip around well somebody somebody was supposed to yeah i'm working with that shit instead i'm going to say what are you going to say i'm what to say gangs of new york dog that was one of probably would've saved.

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