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Then seven risky pitched specialist special race with your with your. Grace graceful. Coach Tinker. I I did that a lot with Beth. This week. We tinkered the idea around and jess was was. Too Young I. Am More than happy to do that for anybody else who? I also think that a good suggestion for people would be to. Not not just email I know we have the voicemail, but you know. Pick up your phone and tell us in thirty forty five seconds. What your idea is! Get down like sustained talk about what's not just the name of it tells what we're doing on the podcast and we could play those on the podcasts also, and you could just tweet them. Can't more likely to play if you if you're. That's a good barometer then. AKIVA IS GONNA come in and say Oh hold on look at this seventy three people like this tweet got to re tweets This is worth my attention. The name is like the least important thing. He never funny name. Idea, if fully form, what do you think Akiba you like that idea? I tell people I. do like it all right so I. Don't think you're gonNA like Bonzes Burnett. Bus Response Robin Cuba Save the day when you said go on yes. Let's see so I said go on. He Groans as he watches a kiva become more and more. Yes, I, said it a tired each week. Yes, that's right. AKIVA becomes a style expert every week. Yes, even your fellow TLC hosts, Eric Stein. Yes, even the heartaches. Yes, even the ridiculous challenges. Yes, even the season's episode seven cast. Yes, even the need for a team. Yes, even all the new R. Aj. That's another problem with their net, but a lot of Amanda was always gets.

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