Hurricane Center, North Carolina, Wilmington discussed on MSNBC Morning Joe


Getting closer to the southeastern coast. The storm has been downgraded now to a category. Two but thirties worn, it's still extremely dangerous. Federal ficials say Florence could hit parts of the Carolina coast with hurricane conditions for twenty four hours or more bring up to forty inches of rain. Into some areas. Bill Cairns is back with us. Now, what does it track look like? Bill Willie overnight. We didn't see much change in intensity in the track. Didn't change much either. So we're pretty much locked in. Now. We're only about twenty four hours away from when we could get a landfall hurricane force winds could move in later on this afternoon. You could clearly see the, I now on the radar and you could see these bands of rain or now approaching the Outer Banks, and we just had a tornado watch that tissue from now until nine pm, fourteen hours. You're going to be in a tornado, watch here in eastern North Carolina and tornadoes weak. Tornadoes Kenneth, curb with these tropical storm, especially during the daylight hours as we get these bands coming in. So here's the latest forecast into Hurricane Center. This is the five AM advisory. The next adviser comes in at eleven AM. They have the storm coming towards the coast at about five AM in the morning. Maybe with the I going right over the top of Wilmington that puts the worst storm surge, and also the highest waves and win to the north of the center. That's right along the beaches here of Oslo county up towards corridor right county that who could get hit the hardest with that storm surge window already at tropical storm at the. Louise they'll pick up dramatically inland as we go throughout the day today. And as I mentioned, the hurricane force winds come on shore five PM this evening, the right over the coast by about midnight. And then tomorrow morning there over the top of Wilmington. And as far as the other concerns go media, one of the worst things will be the storm surge up to thirteen feet as we go throughout the seeming and tomorrow I just saw one forecast for Bentiu, Beaufort area, the morehead city that's located right in here. They're predicting this storm surge tonight at midnight to be the highest on record worse than Hazel back in one thousand nine hundred fifty four..

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