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Myers yes tomorrow's mrs mazel as a show on on the amazon that i'm now in season to series regular i was up upgraded from recurring although my dear friend who i miss horribly brian doyle murray would say recurring yeah they're always happy to see you series regular now we just started back up on season two an unbelievably excited and happy to be about a part of that process so sightseer from folks who are enjoying the damn show so thank you for that logan myers and i look forward to meeting your dad who portrays one of the old time cab drivers according to you kevin this new letter next fanmail kevin and the rest of the crew including jay mak oh our research producer i wanted to try and send a quick note to you for all your hard work in that that you put into the compound chat show every episode i've been faithful listeners since episode number eight well we're at three fifty three today so wow that's a lot of time i listen on my i tune account do you and i i have to use audio only because i'm a professional clown wait for it as well as a schoolteacher and the only opportunity i really get to listen is when i'm setting up for my daily classes the language on occasion on the show gets a little bit too coarse for me to put it over the speakers at school so i have to use ear buds but i love what i hear please keep up the good work personally kevin you need to continue to repeat the stories that jamie tells you not to repeat some new listeners may not know the stories still great fun to hear the reaction of your guests when you tell the story that we may have heard a few times already to keep it as simple and assurance bosma thank you for everything you guys do rick pretzel the clown delong.

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