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James flippin NBC, News Radio New York. Former White House chief of staff John Kelly is now in the board of directors of accompanying and operate shelters for migrant children. The retired marine general has joined caliber international the parent company of comprehensive health. Services one of the shelters that company operates as a temporary inflec- specifically in Florida for unaccompanied migrant minors called homestead several of these shelters have been criticized and cited for the abuse of children within their custody. Kelly has been tied to the Trump administration stricter immigrant policies since his time as the secretary of homeland security, the California Supreme Court is rejecting the final appeal of a convicted fake plastic surgeon who told women's sexual contact was unnecessary part of a skin treatment. Joe McConnell reports the high court refused to review the case of Carlos Guzman Garza convicted in two thousand fifteen and sentenced to twenty years in prison for stealing the identity of a real physician and sexually assaulting several women in his fake San Francisco clinic, one of the women testified Garza smoke a cigar while performing liposuction on her and another said he drugged her before assaulting her. His losing appeal unanimously rejected by an appeals court was based on the argument that the women had consented to physical contact even if that consent was obtained through fraud. God. That's Joe McConnell reporting. John Jeffreys NBC News Radio. Mother's day sneaks up and we hit the panic button. Then get suckered into some online flower giant advertising hundred ninety nine flowers that ended up costing sixty bucks for nothing special. Not today. Not for the mom who didn't go all w t f when you cut your own hair under great picture day that was mum for the win. That's why mother's day is. Boop, stay, you know, the books right that short for bouquets. And they're amazing boot flowers are picked fresh and delivered right to mom. So they last weeks not days boots, even has farms located on the side of a volcano that produce flowers, so gorgeous mabul post picks and say nice things about you and boots cut out the middleman. So you.

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