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Like white brady has managed to leap passer even brady wave embrace but he is bright as at tools turn before the lefthander very tough stuff indeed they are strapping very very nicely date which has the competition we we expect some we get from cove having good ride from elliot jones in fifth place ahead of rice winner already henry muhtar fair in where it say in seven twice some momentum of the fastest lap he's the only one so far the cost of how what's the lightest gap we have here will change not too much the moment for one second of about the stables all good at the fund scifis as a slight by coming out ten number one and two nothing traffic traffic set all my skull if you apply surprise sidebyside a gain between brian brady up to ten three they go to the right hand side guys right one guys that very clever stuff that managing to keep that positions at the moment but using it to their advantage up towards the latter stages of that turned five and six because ted rights ten left to get tights happens lebron bri using the courage on the on the actual cambe of the second to advantage trying to get that liquid extra performance them ten seven as the next one for them all my side by side they do try sidebyside rounding the final coda close but not quite close enough for change one point full seconds is the gap between samuel munson vase later only horn with brian while brady still instead full that's going to be ongoing for quite so why in dade with any jones henry county ways fifth sixth and seventh thanks noise and time his charlie hunter william harrison gregg marshall with only sims analogy gaps again in eleven and twelve having very noisy he's down turn number one with my plate playgirl said jacob stable senate joshua williams carrying on the sixteen failed sixteenths from failed at the marlins.

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