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Every go to your room I don't know if it is getting can't we go home now it proved that I was that young recap here you are you I keep this up on my old age this is the bowling the Mister and second only to go off and play eighteen sixty nine Isaac Hobson received patent number eighty eight thousand seven hundred eleven for the roller skate how he got the roller skate he got it and you know what I used to go to the axle roller rink on Harlem Avenue now it's over by the what is now the AMC theaters and between that and the more recent with L. cookie factory that was on Harlem Avenue and that was the place I went through high school I think they make the cookies there were restored all the smells we would walk into the roller rink on a Saturday night you would smell the cooking cookies well you know around there so it was the actual roller rink and I remember all skater member listen to Billy squire that's those were like that's weird was it was it's a little old fashioned nineteen fifties music is rock and roll by that you're listening to the contemporary music and that was date night going to hang out the roller rink and then we would go down the street go get some needed one of the local restaurants before that that sounds like before that it was called the hub and that's for my mom used to tell me about that all the time it was the super sized rolling ring of its time and there was a giant Wurlitzer pipe organ there originally played by Liev very scary was about two hundred seventy five feet long some ninety five feet wide and the floor was much larger include the area outside his diverse social you know we can get on the little rubber mats or whatever and and actually sit in and talk this is Katie has a set of styles of skating never displayed a lighted finally organ music would change temple to the left the sign the little yeah like tronic sign brushing couples only waltz foxtrot and that there was still up when I used to go there it was silly did you ever hear the organ they play I don't think I've ever heard the organ was just music is those organs will really rattle the rafters and roof was open every night and had met me Saturday and Sunday weekends always found huge crowds big snack bar the only access to the rink area was through a large opening in the west end of the lobby yeah again it changed it to the actual seventy four and closed on October in October of nineteen eighty five but that's the big classic one here there's a there's a bunch of roller skating rink I will put in the city in the city yeah.

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